Saturday 10 April 2010

New Earrings & The Outrageous Neighbour

My latest design. I haven't come up with a good name for them yet. I am very pleased with these. They look great on, and they are not heavy. The wonderful milky light green side-drilled stones are Prehnite - from Happy Mango Beads. I am in love with those stones and any prehnite now-a-days. The stones are dangling from a brass bar chain - from Ornamentea. Brass earhooks. The ear-rings are about 6 cm/2.3 inches long.

Here is my new neighbour, Radka, just after she has said something absolutely outrageous about some of my beads. I HAD to take her picture, since Barbara Lewis had posted about one of her rude-funny friends I felt Radka could match that easily. Hold on, I will let you know soon. Radka, her husband and their young dog moved in a couple of months ago. She is a landscape architect. Has worked in New Zeeland among other places. AND she is from Czheck republic, and her late aunt used to work in a bead factory. So when she pops in to me for a cup of coffee she wants to sit in my studio with all the beads around us. She is always very positive, outspoken and enthusiastic about things. It is great to be in her company. Anyway, suddenly she lays her eyes on these particular beads on my desk and says/screams: "WOW, look at these ones - they look like an old virgin who is really horny!" It took me a moment to kind of settle again after that. Then I had to look at the beads of course. What on earth was she talking about? But do you know? She was absolutely right! They DO look like an old virgin who is really horny. Some people are just blessed with a wonderful way of putting words on visual impressions. That comment made my day I tell you.


Barbara Lewis said...

Radka looks like she also laughs at her own jokes ... which i do all of the time. And, if you don't laugh, I just keep repeating it until you do! A great post. Humor is the necessary element for a happy life and God love the people who fill our lives with it every day!

Lorelei Eurto said...

ha ha ha!!! thanks for the laugh today Malin! And your earrings look great! Prehnite is my absolute favorite stone!!

Malin de Koning said...

Thanks Lorelei!

Stefanie said...

The earrings are great! regards Stefanie

Anonymous said...

....Uahhhhh,i just realised ...what a toothy girl I am, I?!


Anonymous said...

....Uahhhhh,I just realised ...what a toothy girl I am, I?!