Thursday 21 July 2011

I fell in love with Tari Sasser's, and I wanna be just like Jess Italia

These are a few of the items in the newest design by Tari Sasser of Creative Impressions in Clay or Clay Buttons. I am in loooove! And have just now ordered two links/connectors and two round beads (had some money on my PayPal account from a sold item luckily enough, great secret stash for moments like this). Different color combos of my own choice on all of them.
Tari is this months Art Bead Partner at Vintaj. Here is a link to the Vintaj blog post, which also includes a tutorial for a photo transfer technique. I am quite eager to try that now. My godness, I just can't add another thing I wish to learn on my wish list. This bracelet made by Jess Italia Lincoln of Vintaj is sooooo nice.

All my best!


Danielle said...

Those are lovely and I can see why you are excited about them. For some reason they make me think of a beach towel that I once had, it was my fave, and I guess its the colors. Funny how beads and things can do that.

Gift Ideas said...

They are absolutely lovely and anyone would fall in love with them naturally.Colorful and attractive...they are beautiful little things.