Saturday 1 October 2011

Wake Up With The Feeling Of That Love Is All Around

I just thought I should inform you all that I am feeling well and good. I have not been posting here on my blog for a good while now, in fact for two whole weeks. That is a long break for me. The reason is that I simply have been very busy with a lot of stuff, AND that I have not felt I have anything really to write about or share with you here. I could always do a "wishful" post of course, but I just haven't gotten around to it.

So please hold on. I'll be back on my regular pace of posting, (which is about two or three times a week), within shortly.

I am producing jewelry things on a rather steady pace. However, I am currently in a state of seeking to discover new things, which means I try a lot of different and to me previously unknown stuff designwise and assemblywise. Most of my experiments turn out basically crap and not worth showing, but ... I gain knowledge anyway. And it is fun, and ... well ... necessary to me. You know the feeling when you NEED something new and fresh, coz everything you already know is too familiar and "seen it all before". Do you?
Check out the sort of fun and playful earrings I made the other day. I haven't got a clue if they really work, but they are the least crappy thing I've done lately, so I've decided to keep them. :-) I call them Wake Up With The Feeling Of That Love Is All Around.

The lovely quirky resin coin beads with print - Susan K. Nestor, also on Bead Trust
Purple enameled chain - Bead Trust
Purple enameled bead caps - Bumber Shoot Supplies
Enameled headpins - Barbara Lewis of Painting With Fire

Oh, and yes, I have cut my hair short. VERY short, that is! I will show you more soon.

Now, please, tell me! How do you go about when you feel you long for - need -change and new perspectives?

All my best,


Alice said...

Sweet earrings!

When I feel I need a change I usually mull it over in bed for several nights (hubby snoring the entire time). I lose a lot of sleep over things like this, amd many times I never come to a resolution.

There are so many new techniques that I want to try in my jewelry, but time, money and a lack of skills puts a kabosh on this quickly. But I'm getting there with baby steps, and lots of crappy results--but its a good feeling.

lunedreams said...

LOVE those earrings!! I love amber and purple colors together, and I love how you used those beadcaps! The enamel chain is a great addition to the earrings, makes me want to get some. I like the enamel with the resin.

When I feel in a design rut, I find myself either doing extreme "thought experiments" (like imagining using components in wacky ways, and sometimes I stumble across a decent idea), or I go shopping for supplies and buy something I don't really like. Sometimes I look around at other people's stuff for novel ways to use components.

SO GLAD to hear you are feeling good!!! Can't wait to see more "experiments."

Sharon said...

Hi Malin, Thanks so much for letting me know how you used the wee purple flower bead caps! And for sharing these lovely earrings, I love the colors. When I need to change things up I go for a walk. We have a beautiful big park in Seattle called Discovery Park and I have had some great ideas walking around that park :) Best wishes, Sharon, Bumbershoot Designs and Supplies

Malin de Koning said...

@Alice - I know the feeling of moving with baby steps. I wish to try and learn sooo many things. Working with Ice Resin, enamelling and lots lots more. I sometimes feel that I lust more for the new than to actually go deeper into my already achieved knowledge. So I miss out on trying new stuff within familiar grounds. Do you sketch down your night time mullings and use them or ...?

@Keirsten - That is awesome! To buy stuff you really don't like. That is right down my alley of methods to get new experiences. Love it! My own variation of that is I purpously design ugly. Ha!

@Sharon - Aaah walks! That works for me too.

Heidi Post said...

Cute :) Love that lavender chain!

beautifullybrokenme said...

Great earrings Malin - It is so great to see you online again! I love the color combination! I am the same as you when it comes to new perspectives. When I am tired of what I've been doing, I pull out all of my old magazines and books and nearly always find something to inspire me in a new direction.

:) Molly

Rebecca said...

Welcome back Malin - I did wonder where you had gone and hoped you were ok. I totally know what you mean about needing to step outside the comfort zone and look at things from new angles. I find that when I am working to a brief, or when a magazine gives me a theme, or the very odd occasion I work on a custom piece, more often than not this pushes me creatively in new directions where I haven't or wouldn't perhaps have been before. I love it. It's all one giant creative, learning curve, isn't it?

Angel Whisperer said...

häftiga örhängen!! skulle tro att en del av det du inte visar är superbt det också är ofta alldeles för kritiska själva ?? KRAM B

Bead Trust said...

Hi Malin-
We love the earrings!! Super cute and cheery. We too are glad you are feeling good, and are happy that you are inspired by Bead Trust products.
Have a beautiful day,
your friends at Bead Trust

Kreativkrapylet said...

Så utrolig morsomme og spesielle! :)
Liker smykker med særpreg.

Cece said...

Your post hits home. Can't tell you how many pieces have been placed in my "misfits" basket. But, you know, sometimes at a later date I dig them out and it's just the perfect things. I also got a haircut this week. Short for me. I'll post about it if you do :)