Sunday, 16 December 2012

More bracelets


Handle Eggs With Care
  • Red and white link from Lorelei Eurto's Harbinger collection (the other side has a blue and white flower pattern)
  • White egg shaped magnesite beads
  • Pale green waxed linen cord
  • Brass claw clasp 
  • Vintaj brass jump rings


Robins Egg Bangle
  • Speckled lamp work round by Gardanne
  • Bronze ceramic macaroni beads by Elaine Ray
  • Robins egg blue small round wood beads
  • Oxidized 16G copper wire

Both of them are soon to be listed in my Etsy Shop. But please let me know if you would be interested in buying any of them already.

All my best,


Alice said...

Beautiful!! I see an egg theme going on here.

Jess Green said...

Lovely :)

I think the egg theme may be a hint of longing for spring!

Gardanne said...

Thanks Malin, those egg beads are beautiful. You have me in an egg and bird making mood.

James said...

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