Monday 25 February 2013


Can there be too many bracelets in the world? I believe not. Or if it can, I don't care, because I so much enjoy making them. Here are three new ones I have made recently.

  • Red facetted ceramic bead by Gaea
  • Golden speckled round lampwork bead by Gardanne
  • Lemony-lime large rice shaped lucite beads with golden stripes
  • Golden swirly hook clasp
  • Brass heishi rings
  • Waxed linen cord

  • Golden filigree beads
  • Lime green lucite beads with a golden heart pattern
  • Golden toggle clasp
  • Waxed cotton cord
  • Rombic heirloom colored cubes by Elaine Ray
  • Pale blue semiprecious stone smooth nuggets (chalcedon or lace agate? I can't find my records on these stones right now ...)
  • Vintaj brass clasp
  • Brass findings

Coming up soon, now on Friday, is the musical challenge reveal. With 80 signed up participants!!!! So much looking forward to do the blog hop and see what everyone has done. It is a great theme this time. Instrumental music!

For myself I am slightly stressed about it to be honest. I have my idea ready since a good while, but I haven't even started putting my piece together. And it is an ambitious project to pull off (it's not a bracelet he he). Or at least that is what I believe, before I even started. So I better get going then, don't I.  See you on Friday hopefully, or maybe even before.

All my best,


steufel said...

I'm soooooo with you regarding the bracelets! And your three pieces are awesome! I'm especially love the second one. It's great!

TesoriTrovati said...

I actually cannot make bracelets to save my soul! I love all of yours. They are so fresh and witty. I love the pops of color and the way you keep my eye traveling. I love your clasps. I usually get started making a bracelet and then it ends up being too long or to short. These, I love. And I got most of a piece finished for the reveal. A little more tweaking and fussing. But I cheated a bit on the music so there is another related piece that I am hoping to finish. I can't very well cheat on my own hop, can I? Oh, and it is more like 50 participants for Friday's hop. But it will be cool! See you then! Enjoy the day. Erin

Gardanne said...

Thanks Malin, I'm with Erin put them together, take them apart, go back to making beads.

Unknown said...

I do love bracelets, and that last one with Elaine Ray beads really captured my attention. Beautiful work dear!