Sunday, 5 May 2013

2 Bracelets and 2 Necklaces

Two new bracelets. And 2 necklaces I made back in January, but haven't properly presented yet.

Bracelet 1 - Seeds and Brass
  • Buri seeds
  • Etched brass beads
  • Polymer Clay disc bead by Pam Wynn
  • Very light blue metallic seed beads
  • Pale green waxed linen cord

Bracelet 2 - Blue Flower

  • Blue Raku fired Ceramic Flower by Jubilee
  • Translucent smoke colored glass nuggets
  • Copper Clasp by Higher Chakra/Metal Fuze
  • Blue waxed linen cord

Very Long Necklace 1 - Bee

  • Ceramic Bee Bead by Nancy Schindler of Round Rabbit
  • Matte Pale Blue Wooden Rounds
  • Pale Green Waxed Linen Cording
  • Large Vintaj Jump Rings
  • Vintage Chain 

Very Long Necklace 2 - Yellow Flying

  • Yellow Bird Pendant by Jade Scott
  • Yellow Matte Irregular Seed Beads
  • Vintaj Brass Clasp
  • Vintaj Brass Jump Rings

  • All my jewelry is available for purchasing, even though I might not yet have listed them in my Etsy Shop. Please let me know if you are interested in any of them. :-)

    All my best,


    Regina said...

    Lovely all of them, particularly the yellow bird necklace.

    bbold said...

    The project has such great colors. I've been thinking about branching out to waxed linen--I'm checking out Designer Bracelet for women right now. Pretty stuff.

    hfghgfh said...

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