Friday 4 October 2013


Well, over the last couple of weeks I have pushed myself to start making more necklaces again. For a long period it feels like I have been making almost only bracelets. I think the main reason why necklaces doesn't happen all that often for me unless I conciously think about it, is my always messy and crowded work table. There is simply only such a small area I can use when I work. 

Now I am in love with making necklaces again. And I also love how these two turned out.

Necklace - I Want To Fly Away

  • Balloon pendant - Jade Scott
  • Elongated boat shaped wooden beads
  • Different kinds of seed beads in green and brown tones
  • Copper findings and a copper magnetic ball clasp

Necklace - Near
  • Near, pink word bead in polymer clay - SomethingToDoWithYourHands
  • Copper flower clasp - DaisyChainExtra
  • Copper chain
  • Pink opalite elongated 6-sided beads
  • Copper heishi ring beads
  • Waxed linen cord, dark rust


All my jewelry pieces are available for purchasing, even though I might not yet have listed them in my Etsy Shop. Please let me know if you are interested in any of them. Contact me at: malindekoning[at]

All my best,


Sally Anderson said...

These are just great, Malin. You've got a unique design aesthetic and I really love what you make.

Mary Harding said...

So beautiful Malin! Love both!!!

Unknown said...

Båda är vackra, jag gillar speciellt det första. Ha en skön helg!

Alice said...

Both are gorgeous! Love the designs on both, and also like the beads you chose.

lunedreams said...

Fabulous! Keep going! I love the simple lines and fresh color palettes in these. The elongated beads have such a clean, graceful feel.

buy body jewellery said...

I like both the jewelry pieces, the pendant is cute in the first picture.