Sunday, 14 February 2016

Stacked Earrings Challenge #4

Hey it's time again. Stacked Earrings Challenge #5. Five beading buddies in three different countries (Sweden, United Kingdom and USA) sending each others a group of beads inspiring for making earrings, preferably in the stacked style. Make as many as you wish. Use at least three beads from the lot in each earring.

Here are the beads Rebecca Anderson sent us this time. What a lovely lot. So much colour. And many flowers. So very Rebecca. So inspiring!

I ended up making four pairs. But I do have a few more laid out as half ready ideas on my work table.

These are my own favourites of the ones I made. I've been wearing them several times. 

My daughter Arabella likes these ones best.

I'd say these one are most Rebbecca-esque of the ones I made. I mean I sense her presence in the beads and in the color scheme.

No there is nothing wrong with your screen, the waxed linen cord is of two different colours. It was a sort of deliberate mistake, since I made them over two different days, and day two I realized I'd run out of the darker color. But you know I like semi-assymetry … so I let it stay like that.


Every time we have our releases I love seeing what we all made with the same lot of beads. It is such an interesting test of and tribute to creativity. 

Check out:

Rebecca Anderson - Songbead

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Rebecca said...

Malin, I absolutely love what you've done here! Each pair is so interesting to look at - there's so much to take in. I love the slightly different coloured cord pair especially, it works so well, even if it was a happy accident. I just love seeing what we all do given the same materials! It shows just how much scope there is, even when working with beads, for personality to shine through in design. Thank you for starting this challenge, I'm sorry I held it up for so long!

Claire Lockwood said...

These are all splendid. I think I agree with you: those long skinny ones at the top are my favourites - I'd be wearing them lots too! I also love the final pair - such a clever design! I love how you've combined the colours here!

Anna said...

Awesome. Love the combination of colors.

Leah Curtis said...

I'm in love with the tender beauty of your designs, Malin. The long, slim earrings have such great flow, gentle combinations of color, and your wire wrapping adds a kind of personality! All very beautiful designs.

Heidi Post said...

Oh WOW! I love those last ones! What a clever way to use those big blue discs, and with the orange/red cord against it, and the two different colors just gives them that much more interest. Those are just amazing. They are all very pretty -- I think I like Arabella's second most.

Jan J. said...

Beautiful! I love the one with the clear big flowers and the sort of eggplant-colored beads - so pretty! But they all are.

CraftyHope said...

Love, love, love! I adore this challenge among the five of you. You each have your own unique style and this challenge with the same beads really shows off the distinctive nature of your styles. I'm with your daughter on that purple pair of earrings, they're my favorite too! :)