Thursday 21 April 2011

Button Swap - REVEAL!!!!!

So here is my reveal. I recieved 6 b e a u t i f u l buttons from Michelle Mach who so kindly offered to be my partner in the Button Swap.

From top left and clockwise:
  • A cowboy hat button in plastic, kind of an extra treat coz of Michelle living in a Western-themed area.
  • Wavy lines pewter button by MamacitaBeadWorks on Etsy. YUM!!!!
  • Gunmetal mosaic button (plastic), coming from a set of two. The first one Michelle used in a piece published in Simply Beads. I am really honoured to get this one. It is soooooo cool!
  • Massive black carved wooden button! Wow, I looove this one! Looooove!
  • Green ceramic button. I will not have any problem finding a suitable place for this one! Very nice.
  • Coconut patterned button. Another pretty pretty and fun button I will love to use.
Thank you so much Michelle! And thank you so much for arranging the swap. Very very nice thing. Hope there will be more of them.

OK, so I had totally mixed up the dates, and I have been without an internet connection for two days. Got it back 3 hours ago and I realized that the Button Swap blog hop is TODAY. Quick photographing session outdoors in the late hour and no extra work on the images in photoshop. So this is it.

Here is my first bracelet. I call it "Hybernation Time". It contains MamacitaBeadWorks' pewter button. And an adorable polymer clay bear bead by TreeWingsStudio. A saffron chain and a green drenched copper bead, by MissFickleMedia. Some gemstones, wooden cubes, seed beads and bright red nylon cord.

Perhaps this is more of an autumn piece considering the theme and the colours. But it made me really happy to make it. A lustful feeling coz I just went with what I felt like, pretty-wise. Kind of playing around. I purpously made it too big for myself, since I have very small wrists and I wish it to be possible to purchase for a larger group of people.

Bracelet number two is under way. How could I resist to do something with that fantastic wooden button? It is so stunning I decided to use it as a focal piece. I am working on a peyote "band" made from size 11 Delicas in a colour scheme I have put together myself. I wanted to enhance and lift forward the button as much as possible but still have an interesting back-drop. The band has a hole where I will attach the button which have a shank. A silver coloured clasp.

An odd detail about the peyote is that I have done it every other row one-drop and every other two-drop. This so I would reach 15 rows but still make it an even count peyote structure. I am a bit proud of that solution. I do not like to work odd-count peyote you see, and I wanted the band to fit precisely in the clasp.

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KristiBowmanDesign said...

You certainly pulled that together quickly my friend, good job. I love the big beautiful button and the colorful peyote stich band, gorgeous!!

Shannon Chomanczuk said...

I am glad I stopped back to see what you made. I just love the polymer clay bear bead, so cute! I love your color selection! Great job on the peyote stitch bracelet, I could never do that!
Shannon C

Shirley said...

Love all the bright colors in the bracelet. That bear is just adorable. And your peyote cuff is stunning! I agree, that black button will really set it off. Great design!

Mary K. McGraw said...

What wonderful fun colors you used in both pieces. I love that bear.

Bobbie said...

The first bracelet is precious, but the second peyote one is going to be absolutely GORGEOUS!

Steph L. said...

Great bracelets! I love the color combo that you used in the first one.

KayzKreationz said...

I love that first bracelet with the button and the little bear. And the second one is turning out very pretty too.

Marian Hertzog said...

Love the eclectic mix of your bracelet! That big black button looks great on the beads too!

Lody said...

Such a pretty piece! I love how you used your buttons - your partner should be proud.:) My fave is the cuff!

BooBeads said...

I rather think the first piece is very summery- bright punchy colors! Nice!

That cuff is awesome, that colorful band with the big bold black button- exquisite!

Loretta said...

Very interesting beads you received (I love the big black one too). You did an amazing job with the beads. The little bear is so cute.

Carol Dee, CZT said...

Love the peyote button bracelet!

Alice said...

So sweet! I love the vibrant colors!

Artisan Clay said...

Gorgeous work in progress! My eye's jumped out of my head at that big black beauty!

Unknown said...

Very nice work!

Anindita Basu said...

Both of them are great. I love the cuff look with the striking central button piece and the bracelet is super cool.

Rebecca said...

Both are gorgeous but I really like that peyote band - such a creative solution to avoid odd count! I'll totally be stealing that one off you :-)

I LOVE color! said...

Love your button designs so colorful Be Blessed

Cory said...

Beautiful textures and combination of elements on the bear bracelet.
The peyote bracelet is yummy.

Also, thanks for the kudos.

CraftyHope said...

The colors in your first bracelet are so FUN! However, the second bracelet really makes a statement. They're both wonderful!

Pretty Things said...

That first one -- love that little bear! And you work FAST, my dear!

Bonnie said...

Mixing the chain and the red nylon cord with all those other elements make a very uniqe combination. I love it.

mitz said...

...great duo.. looks really good...

TesoriTrovati said...

Loving what you are creating here! I love Mamacita...and that little animal (hedgehog? bunny?) is too cute! Sorry I am late to the party. Last week was not a time to be hopping (unless you were a bunny! ;-). Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day! Erin

Unknown said...

Look at you, working in yellow! Love this, as I do all your pieces. You have certain something I would love to bottle up and sip each morning so I could have essence of Malin.