Friday 22 April 2011

H A P P Y E A S T E R ! ! !

All my best,


Doreen said...

Hi, Malin! What is an Easter witch? I have never heard of a witch for Easter. Your town looks so cute and quaint. I love it! Is that a road or a driveway that the kids are riding their bikes on?

Malin de Koning said...

Hi Doreen! Well, I guess I was a bit mystical there, sort of on purpose. Of course you don't know what it is. I am glad you asked. It's a Swedish tradition. I am collecting some information for a combined small lesson on the topic with a Swedish lesson. Hopefully I'll get around doing it tomorrow, Saturday.

It is rather quaint where we live yes. Very good for children. It is a small village called Kungsberga in the countryside but nearish to Stockholm. Around 500 persons live in the actual village. But more in the surrounding area, sort of spread out. What you see in the photo with the kids biking is sort of a drive-way in the cluster of houses surrounding a small field/playground. We live in one of these houses.

Doreen said...

Oh, HURRAY, another Swedish lesson! I'll be looking forward to it. Occasionally I think of your lesson about pronouncing MAAAAAHlin and I have to chuckle! Your village looks quite lovely and peaceful!

Doreen said...

Malin, I am having my morning coffee and perusing my blog subscriptions. Another blog that I follow has a picture of an Easter witch. I can't wait to hear the story.

barbe said...

oohhh Easter Witches, I love it! Thanks for teaching me something new!

I also popped in to tell you, that you WON one of the Industrial Chic booklets and charms on my blog!! Congratulations!!!!! email me your mailing address and I'll get it in the mail to you today. Happy Easter!


Unknown said...

Malin! You have such character! I loved this post and I am so glad you shared it. The sight of the children soaring through the enchanted street of your village did my heart good!