Friday 10 June 2011

ABS June Challenge Necklace - Somewhere Down The Crazy River

My contribution for the June Challenge at Art Bead Scene became a necklace. It has undergone a few transformations on it's journey to the final piece. Started off as a bracelet with Gaea's green button as the clasp and center piece. 7 strands of waxed linen cord strung with Delica beads size 11/0. But I couldn't make the clasp solution look good. Gave up after trying about 10 different ways. Moody about it of course. I really like all those strands.
One of the first things I picked out from my stash when starting on the challenge piece was the multi-holed pendant from RoundRabbit. Hey, look at that. I can combine them! I like!!!!
Also tried quite a few different solutions for the chain/ribbon part. Ended up simplifying it more and more. Now it's only a chain and a leather ribbon. And I kept shortening it too. I generally don't make necklaces as short as this one. But with a pendant like this you want it to sit higher. And you want the fringy bit to hang by the clevage.
Here's another pathetic try by me to take a photograph with myself as the model. This was the least bad one anyway. I might have a new solution to this "show the piece on" problem. Will see tomorrow how it works. Now I must add a note to this paragraph. I just realized this particular photo wasn't taken by myself at all. My 7 year old daughter took it for me. I guess she didn't keep her hand all that steady either ... Sorry for being unclear.
Below is the art piece by Odilon Redon we are supposed to be inspired by. It's a lovely lovely painting/pastel. And it was very easy to be inspired by it. I do have some more things simmering on my bead table for more contributions. We'll see if I finish any more of them off.Here on flickr you can see some more contributions from other jewelry artists. More will be added through until the end of the month. So keep coming back if you are the curious kind.

All my best!


Gaea said...

That is too darn clever and pretty!

Malin de Koning said...

Oh, thank you so much!

Karyn B said...

Lovely! I just love the fringe and the colors are so pretty. :D

lynsey said...

It really is lovely Malin I love it!! I also love how it drapes, all the elements are in the perfect position

Elly Snare said...

Very strong piece, and brave - I mean by the use of just the two main colours, and the very big focals. I think you can see the influence of the other work by Redon that you blogged about previously in this necklace: the surreal eyes and eyelashes are picked up by Gaea's button and the fringing. Or maybe seaweed fronds brushing round Ophelia?

Jenni said...

Love the big elements and you tied the colors in so well.
Your work is always lovely and innovative.

Mary Harding said...

That's a beauty, Malin. I love the way you linked the two pendants together. Graceful and very clever!!

stregata said...

Love the big focal and the delicate strands beneath - fantastic solution, Malin!!!

Angel Whisperer said...

jättefint Malin!!
håller med om att det är en tuff lösning hur vattnet strömmar genom knappen :)
och det är völdigt Malin-igt i färgställningen också!
kortet på dig är jättefint
hur softar man till så där
vet inte om ja kan det i mitt program /photoimpact...skulle jag behöva som modell med mitt r på halsen osv..

Malin de Koning said...

Thank you eveyone!

Birgitta, to blur it like that, you start by holding the camera with an unsteady hand ... he he. It happens easily when you stretch your arm out as far as you can, hold the camera backwards with the one hand, estimate the aiming of the motif and then push the button. It might help to have MS also, and to take several pictures in a row so that arm has to be stretched out for a while. This was the least blurry one out of the ones I took.

Malin de Koning said...

Birgitta, I added this text into the post after I had written the reply to you before. Sorry I miss-remembered. But it COULD have happened just like that, the way I described it in my previous comment ;-)

"Now I must add a note to this paragraph. I just realized this particular photo wasn't taken by myself at all. My 7 year old daughter took it for me. I guess she didn't keep her hand all that steady either ... Sorry for being unclear."

Just thinking, you might have some kind of filter in your photo editing programme. Check for "rörelseoskärpa" eller "motion blur" or any other kinds of blur/oskärpa.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Love the colors and description! Esp the fringy bits in the cleavage LOL!!! Happy Saturday!

Rebecca said...

Gorgeous (of course!) Malin! x

EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

Love the use of both of those gorgeous focal beads! I also love the use of the cords with the beads on them - awesome!!!

Kym Hunter Designs said...

Gorgeous necklace, Malin! This month's art work is so inspiring. You did a wonderful job of capturing the color scheme in the painting.

Unknown said...

This is such a really beautiful light and airy looking necklace. I just Love it!! You always have a great touch Malin!

Elysian Studios said...

This is a beautiful design , Malin! I love teh color and the components too!

Therese's Treasures said...

I love your piece smiple and beautiful.

Kate said...

Fantastic! I love your sounds like my own so often!!

treasureislandcrafts said...

I love the fringe and the colors in this piece!

m.e. said...

I love this combination of elements .
somehow both simple and complex
Great sense of movement too.
One of those designs destined to become someone's
"wear it all the time " favorite !
m.e. :)