Friday 3 June 2011

Inspired by ABS June Challenge - outside competition

A beautiful painting/pastel by Odilon Redon is this month's inspiration art piece on ArtBeadScene. It creates a huge lust to create jewelry in me. Yellow-yellow-yellow. And some gray and white and black and sharp blue, and ....

I also drifted away in my thoughts about this artist. I had never seen this piece before. When I think of him I think mainly of mystical (obscure) surrealistic (before the real Surrealists entered the scene) drawings/prints in black and white. I went on a hunt on the internet and gathered a few of the things I am referring to.
I just happen to have quite a few beads and stuff in my stash that would go perfectly with the style of the pieces in the collage I put together. Just look at these buttons, which I purchased about 6 months ago, with, among other things, earrings in mind. At last I got a reason to actually put them together. Thanks ArtBeadScene! Due to them not containing any Art beads as such I can't put them in the competion. But who cares.
Of course they are called Odilon. Dangles nicely. I'll wear them tomorrow when we are going to the technical museum here in Stockholm. Meeting up with my mum and brother there.


Elly Snare said...

I didn't know anything about this artist so thanks for sharing some of the other work: I love it! The line textures and eyes are so strange and engaging. And lovely picture with you modelling the earrings!


Pretty Things said...

OMG. That is such an amazingly lovely photo of you -- you need to post that all over the place on your blog, Facebook -- seriously, that's an avatar for you!

Elysian Studios said...

That photo of you is gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing these lovely inspirational art images!

Sally Anderson said...

The photo of you is so lovely! It's just beautiful. The earrings are nice, too! Oh, I see I'm not first saying this! Anyway, the verdict is unanimous! Love it!