Tuesday 20 December 2011

My Own Bangle From Rebecca's Tutorial On ABS

Yesterday Rebecca Anderson gave us a tutorial on Art Bead Scene. For a bangle bracelet including art beads and using the Vintaj hoop as a base. I have since a while admired this design of Rebeccas, AND I have played around a few times trying to create something useful with the hoops I have in my own stash. I never was pleased enough however, always took apart what I made.

So yesterday I thought, I must give this style a go. Now that I have a great tutorial to use. Check out Rebecca's tutorial here.

I followed Rebecca's advice to start off with finding the main art bead. And I chose Claire Maunsell of StillPointWork's large hollow polymer clay bead. It's irregular, mystical and wonderfully beautiful. There's something about Claire's work that always makes me feel like the things could have been found in an obscure and not yet discovered place in nature. Or like they are reminescents from way back in time. Long before the dinosaurs even. When the earth was forming different materials and structures. I have noticed that I have a particular weakness for components with that feel in general. There is more of that style in my stash.

Anyway, after the focal it was time to pick the other parts, for the dangles/charms. The focal gave me the overall color scheme, which I stuck to, just adding a few dashes of color here and there.

Here's my result:
Looks neat ey!? Sort of Christmassy. Or just wintery.

Art Beads included are:
Large hollow polymer clay bead in white, grey and black - Still Point Works
White Stoneware Flower Bead/Bead Cap - ChelleV2
Black Stoneware Ring/Star - Starry Road Studio
Robins Egg Blue dangle/charm with enameled parts - Miss Molly's Design
Enameled ring - C-Koop

I think I will wear it on Christmas Eve, which actually is the day when we celebrate here in Sweden. And probably also the other days. Have you made any jewelry to wear for Christmas?

All my best,


Heidi Post said...

I like how you mixed it up color & texture-wise by using the orange cording. And you're right about Claire's pieces; I love your description of their primordial soupness!

Rebecca said...

Malin, I absolutely love it! One of reasons I chose this design as my tutorial is that it's so personal - it's almost designed to bring out the individual as they design. I would never have picked the beads you have, but they work soooo well! It's so 'you'. And the addition of cord is genius! Love it all.

Barbara said...

This is beautiful! Right up my alley! I love the punch of orange/coral in the thread! I think that completes the look!

I haven't made myself any Christmas jewelry but I have plans to make myself a scarf. Since it is so warm here most of the year in Florida, I have rare occasions to wear them, even the lightweight ones. But I happen to be going to North Carolina this year and need to spruce up my sparse winter wardrobe....I think I only own 3 sweaters :)

Doreen said...

This is so cool, Malin! I too love Claire's beads! Also, I am still laughing over Hugh Laurie on the piano! A "BIT" of Frye and Laurie has to be one of my all time favorite shows. (That and Jeeves and Wooster) BTW, did you change your settings on you blog? I can no longer see your pictures in Google Reader. There is a place is settings to adjust that. Anyway, Merry Christmas to you! You will be beautiful and wearing your new bangle.

lunedreams said...

That is indeed a very cool bead!! I love your wintery colors with the splash of orange (winter sunset?). Actually I think a polymer clay focal for this style of bracelet would be perfect, because it wouldn't be so heavy that it would pull everything down under your wrist where you couldn't see it.

Claire Maunsell said...

Lovely bracelet, Malin! Enjoy wearing it for the season! Love seeing all the beads you used along with mine....

TesoriTrovati said...

Oh my how lovely! I love seeing what someone does with the inspiration projects on ABS. This is just divine and I will have to try it out as well next week!
Enjoy the day, and have a blessed Christmas Miss Malin! Give that little angel of yours a big squeeze!
Enjoy the day!

Malin de Koning said...

Thank you for all your super kind comments! Makes me feel absolutely fantastically great! :-)

Keirsten, I know what you mean. I am a bit sensitive for that myself. I mean how the bracelet, or any jewelry for that matter, is weighted. I don't often wear bangles, but I also know people who wear them all the time. I guess it is a question of preference. This one has a tendency to end up with all the dangles and the focal on the underside. If you are sitting that is. If you are standing it shouldn't make any difference. So ... Or maybe it just is something one shouldn't worry too much about. I don't know.

Rebecca said...

Ordered some Chelle2 beads last night. Thanks for the link!

Unknown said...

Beautiful design, I love the orange cording that you used, we get beautiful sunrises with that color in the morning so it reminds me of a crisp winter morning. Have a wonderful Holiday Season!!!

Elly said...

Malin, I am catching up with your blog after a long time away! THis bracelet is gorgeous - I scrolled down the screen and said 'Wow!' to myself. Congratulations on your feature in Beads and Beyond too; it's a beautiful magazine and I'm so glad you're in there!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a fruitful New Year.

All the best,


Chelle said...

Absolutely love it!

JeannieK said...

Just love the eclectic mix of beads with the orange cord. This is truly unique and wonderful.