Monday 23 January 2012

The little bird

I got the little ceramic birdie charm made by Jangles from LimaBeads just the other week. It inspired me to make this bracelet. I have honestly never before made a multi-stranded design like this ending it up with cones. It caused me problems at first, because I didn't know how to cleverly go about it. At times like that I find it fantastic with all the different online tutorial recourses we so easily can access. I found and used this one from FusionBeads and this one from BeadAholique.

I am so very happy and pleased with this design. I know there is nothing unique about it in any way, but all the colors, beads and components come together so nicely. The color scheme feels very fresh and sort of crisp. So now I am hooked, and so in the mood to make more multiple stranded designs with cones and a little charm near the clasp. And I also really want more of Jangles super cute birdies.
Materials I used are:
  • Ceramic bird charm by Jangles
  • Brass swirl clasp set from Vintaj
  • Brass flower spacer beads from Vintaj
  • Spring green ceramic bead from Gaea
  • Green magnesite drop bead
  • Silvery cones
  • Czech glass
  • Other seed beads and glass beads

All my best,


Heidi Post said...

How cute! The birdie is adorable, and I like the way you used the cones.

Tanya said...

I love how all the colors come together. The bird charm is so cute! Nicely done. :)

Roxanne Mendoza said...

It turned out lovely! :)

lunedreams said...

You rocked the cones! I love those colors together too. Love the little splash of dark beads, echoing the bird's little eyes.

Marcie Abney Carroll said...

Colors are awesome! I love the summery-ness!

Angel Whisperer said...

lovely spring colors and very much Malin in the design UNIQUE !! and fresh!!

Rebecca said...

Of course I love this one! The big green briolettes are wonderful especially. Do you know, I never ever work with beading wire, apart from when I am teaching beginners' classes. I am not quite sure why - I have bought jewellery often enough that is made with it, but I just don't seem to like it to work with. Maybe I need to break my prejudice....I think it's all the rubbish jewellery I made with it initially, when I first moved away from just bead weaving! I have a box of horrors! Looking forward to seeing more multi-strand pieces from you :-)

Initial Charms said...

Very nice bracelet in blues and greens... most commonly worn with casual jeans...the bracelet concept is very nice to accessorize with.