Sunday 15 January 2012

Three casual bracelets and a little bit of pride :-)

Macrame with blue-grey waxed cotton cord and selection of glass and semiprecious stones in different colors. I made this one with a particular friend in mind. She can't wear any metal at all against her skin. I hope she will like it.

Macrame with orange waxed linen cord and a selection of glass, semi-precious stones, brass beads and three white ceramic beads by Gaea.

Here's a better photograph of the bracelet I wrote about in my previous post. Ceramic hank button made by Birgitta Lejonklou of AngelWhisperer, and a selection of rustic trade glass beads, semi-precious stones and natural material beads strung on beading wire.

Now check this out
The other day I got one of the nicest compliments ever. I am so proud (do you say you are proud as a cock/rooster in English?), and at the same time I blush. But my pride wins and I just have to share with you. Rebecca Anderson of SongBeads wrote (and this is just a cut-out from the whole post):
My 2012 jewellery resolution is to be more adventurous with colour. I so often stick to monochromatic colour schemes (or turquoise and red of course...!) and whilst i do love them, and the textural possibilities they offer, I want to branch out. Two people who I really admire for their colour choices are Malin and Lorelei. They put things together in such a beautiful way.

Thank you so much Rebecca! By the way, I don't really agree with you about you working mainly monochromatic, but maybe that's just me. I myself really really love to play around with and combine colors. And I here and there read about people struggling with color in one way or another. So I got this idea that I could write a post, or a few, on the topic of color theory and my own personal experiences and thoughts on working with color. It is a large topic, and I also have a few other ideas in pipeline for posts here on my blog, to be written during the next half a year or so. So we'll see when and if I get around actually doing it. I also have some kind of still very vague idea that it might work to make the post/posts about color in the form of vlog/vlogs. Any suggestions from you on these posts, I would gladly receive.

And as I mention suggestions, I am also interested in hearing if you have any ideas on what I could bring up at my next Swedish lesson. I haven't done one of those in a while now, and it's about time I think.

Please leave your comments, and I wish you all my best,


Heidi Post said...

I love your bracelets. I saw Rebecca's blog yesterday and I agreed with her when I read it. You do use color well. Congratulations :)

As for the rooster thing - it's certainly not common, and I think if I've heard it at all, it's been used to describe someone other than oneself, and even then in a mildly derogatory way. Still, you definitely deserve a little moment of pride!

Malin de Koning said...

Oh thank you Heidi, for enlightning me on the rooster business. Actually, that might be the case also in Swedish, about it being used for others and also mildly derogatory. I just haven't picked up on it yet. Interesting. I must dig deeper.

lynsey said...

Really lovely Bracelets Malin
I also saw Rebecca's post and was in agreence love your colours

elisabeth said...

Great bracelets Malin - you are a wizard with color!

Barbara said...

I think the American version of that phrase would be "Proud as a peacock."

As Heidi mentonied, equating yourself or someone else to a rooster is derogatory....hehe.

Malin de Koning said...

OK Barbara! Proud as a peacock. Could I say that about myself? Or is it slightly embarrassing to do so?

Malin de Koning said...

And thank you Heidi, Lynsey and Elisabeth for compliments! I think I have grown a couple of millimeters the last couple of days :-)
(oh, for God's sake, please let that be an expression that works in English too ... )

Rebecca said...

Yes, in British English the expression is 'proud as a peacock' too, and you could definitely say it about yourself. (I wouldn't say proud as a cock though. Means something quite different....! .;-)) I'm glad my words have made you feel dead chuffed with yourself! That's a bit of british informal English, to be chuffed means to be really pleased, perhaps a little unexpectedly so. I was really chuffed to win, she was dead chuffed with how her baking turned out, etc. Does that make sense? I don't think they would use this phrase in America, but I could be wrong.

Please do a post, or series of posts on colour! I'd be so interested to read all of your thoughts and experiences. I'm also looking forward to part two about you and how you gor into jewellery making!

lunedreams said...

I love how you did the sliding knots with square knots! I have tons of that waxed cotton cording and no idea what to do with it. This inspires me! And yes, you do have "color freedom"--you allow yourself to see color possibilities everywhere!

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