Thursday 17 April 2014

Lamb and Fish

Easter week I am presenting jewelry containing a lamb and fish. Might seem like a thought, but it isn't … unless it is a subconscious one …

I have never been one for practicing Christianity myself, in the sense of for instance regularly going to church, praying or reading the bible. I wouldn't call myself religious. Even so I do believe there was most probably a person called Jesus 2000 years ago, who was an extraordinary person in many ways. Like Gandhi, Mandela, Luther King, Mother Theresa and other great and real people in our history. Jesus was probably unusually extraordinary. And there have been times when I've found myself asking "What would Jesus have done in a situation like this?". I find him to be a great life guide. And the story of his life is ever so fascinating and inspiring.

Bracelet - Lisa Shaun
My daughter Arabella has a cuddly toy named Lisa Shaun (Shaun for surname since she is actually related to Shaun the Sheep … ). Lisa is soft, slouchy, extremely huggable, super cute, kind, caring and always there to give comfort for anyone in need of it. But she is also large. She can't be carried around everywhere. So when Rejetta Sellers recently showed us her latest design, an absolutely irresistible lamb/sheep bead in polymer clay, I knew I had to get one at once. And I've made this bracelet for Arabella. Now she can carry Lisa with her on the wrist at all times, for comfort when I am not around. The design is a result of a cooperation between Arabella and myself. The story is this: Lisa is in a field with purple flowers and under a bluish sky.

Lamb/sheep in polymer clay - Rejetta Sellers, JettaBugJewelry
Purple flower stamped resin coins - Susan K Nestor

Purple bicone, greenish leaf and bluish facetted rondelles - czech glass beads
Silvery flower magnetic clasp
Waxed linen cording

Necklace - Lime Green With Fish

Lime green raku ceramic pendant - Jubilee

Green tube indonesian glass beads
Matte pale periwinkle peanut beads
Old rose/purple small seed beads
Silvery ornate hook and eye clasp
Super soft and agile beading wire

Secretly hiding behind the lime green pendant are two fish shapes carved into the clay.

Almost all of my jewelry pieces are available for purchase. Please let me know if you are interested in any of them. 
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Heidi Post said...

I love both pieces, but the story about Arabella and her sheep and that bracelet was just too sweet :)

Rebecca said...

These are both so lovely Malin, but somehow I especially love the fish necklace. I can't quite put my finger on why! Jubilee beads are so expressive, somehow. I like how your thoughts run on religion and Jesus. I would say that my thoughts are similar to yours. Both my granddads were ministers, and my granddad that I knew (my mum's dad) was the kindest, gentlest, humblest and most intelligent person I ever knew. He was pretty funny too! Even though I do not feel that I believe in a god or gods, I always remember that a much smarter and better person that I did before me. And I'm sure that the type of god he believed in won't mind if I don't believe in him, as long as I try my best along the way to live the best and kindest life that I can.

Ann Schroeder said...

I really love both pieces, and the story of the bracelet is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

Unknown said...

I love Lisa Shaun! (both cuddly toy and bracelet versions!!)