Friday 13 June 2014

Summery Necklaces and Sailing Longings

Necklace - Porcelain Dragonfly With Moonstone Heishis
This necklace is rather short for being one of mine. The pendant sits very nicely in the décolletage, perfect for a classic white shirt on a summery day in the country side or by the sea side. Or wear it with a pretty white cotton dress at the traditional Swedish Midsummer's celebration.

Art bead: Dragonfly on porcelain - FinnCreations

Other beads and components: Farfalle/peanut beads, moonstone heishi semi-precious stones, seed beads, silvery findings, beading wire

Necklace - Saltsjöbaden (with brass pod pendant)
I am thinking sailing for this necklace. Either on the boat or just when spending time in the marina, perhaps drinking a cooling beer in the fancy restaurant. 

Beads and components: Brass pod pendant from Objects & Elements, seed beads, wooden rounds, glass, acrylic, brass findings, waxed linen cord

Summer feelings
Ok, so perhaps you have already guessed. I am really longing for my 3 day-session sailing 2.4mR in Saltsjobaden, Stockholm, in the beginning of July. Just looking at pictures gives me that wonderful feeling in my stomach. 3 days is not enough, but so far that is what I have booked. I hope to add another session again in August :-).

I did not do a lot of sailing at all growing up. I do not come from a sailing family. But most of my childhood I lived very near a marina. So the atmosphere is just so at home for me. Then I coincidentally came across sailing 2.4mR a few years ago as a part of a rehab session I did for people with MS (I have MS for those of you who didn't know). One half an hour session and I was completely and utterly hooked. It is the most amazing feeling you could imagine. You are so one with the elements. So free. And you can sail as fast or slow as you wish. Guess which one I like. You're right, faaaaast. I am going to take proper lessons this time, so I hope I will become more advanced in my sailing skills. It doesn't hurt that the location for where I do the sailing, Saltsjobaden is a fantastically beautiful place. And the general surroundings of the club, Skota Hem, are just plain awesome. The people are so nice too. I hope to have a meal at the Holmen Kok & Bar restaurant (below) at least once.

Please contact me if you are interested in any of the necklaces shown in this post. 
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