Tuesday 19 August 2014

Bracelet Craze #6

So, I've upscaled the value of some of my later ones in this recent range of bracelets that I call Bracelet Craze (of 2014), by using semiprecious stones as well. Check back at previous, recent posts if you are interested in seeing more in the series. The posts are all named Bracelet Craze and then a number. I hope you too like my latest creations. I am very pleased with them myself if I may say so :-).

Art bead: patterned clay lentil by BHClaySmith
Semi-precious stone: Pale yellow quartz rounds

Art bead: Mellow Yellow bottle cap bead by Trinket Foundry
Semi-precious stone: Lime green jade nuggets

Art bead: green Erudite facetted round in polymer clay by Second Surf

Art bead: green raku ceramic flower by Jubilee

Please contact me if you would like to buy any of these bracelets.
E-mail: malindekoning[at]

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