Sunday 6 June 2010

ABSJune - Bracelet "Shannon" (One-A-Day no2)

This month's inspiration painting for the ABS monthly Challenge by Toulouse-Lautrec had me creating right away. I just couldn't hold myself back. Such marvellous colours! And forms. The whole composition. The dancing lady's pink fluffy underskirts, her red hair, the flower in it, the different shades of greens, the rusty colours, the ivory arches in the background, the white socks of the bystander, the lilac twins ...
3 pink flowers by Shannon Levart/MissFickleMedia, mounted on headpins and with black swarowskis.
Enameled greenish flowers by Barbara Lewis/PaintingWithFire.
Green patinated chain by Shannon Levart/MissFickleMedia.
Rusty Dupioni silk ribbon from Ornamentea,
White tubular porcelain beads from Africa.
Black and ivory facetted bone beads.
Turquise e-beads.
Carnelian roundels.
Lilac matte glass beads.
Leather cord.
Ginger patterned button in plastic.
I was invited to go sailing today, on a catamaran. I brought my friend Linda, and it was all marvellously nice and relaxing. We sat/laid on the net in the front most of the time just
relaxing in the sun. Sailing is very good for the soul Linda and I concluded.


mairedodd said...

so glad you had such a beautiful day for sailing! and your bracelet is wonderful!

Patti said...

This painting + your bracelet = perfect! Looks like the weather was great for sailing!

Regina said...

I love how you have assembled and put together all the various elements of the painting in your bracelet. The pink flowers, the rusty orange silk, the green chain, the white beads... beautiful. Well done!

Anna Lear said...

Such a beautiful bracelet; lots of different elements, yet you've integrated them perfectly into a wonderful piece.