Thursday 24 June 2010

Sailing 2.4 - I looooooooooooove it!

The 2.4mR is a one-person keelboat. It is the smallest keelboat there is. My friend Linda who has grown up with sailing said when she saw one:
"Oh, now I get it, it is so small you put it on, you are kind of dressed in the boat"
It is popularly called the "Two-Four". It was developed and designed by yacht designer Peter Norlin of Sweden in the 80's. Today it is an internationally well-known boat. And it is one of few classes designated as an International class. The boat is primarily used for racing and the class holds highly competitive national events in many countries. The Olympics for instance.

You are sitting with your bum under the water line, so you are so very close to the water. You have the most amazing feeling of being one with the elements. And you alone control the sailing. Well I personally am a learner still, so I have an instructor following me in another boat. It is undescribable how marvellously wonderful it is. I loooooooooooove it! The first time I tried it was about one and a half years ago. And I cried from joy. My tears was just pouring of happiness. I realized I had been sitting there with the biggest grin ever on my face for about 1 hour, totally focused. "How do I get it to go faster?", I asked my instructor. "Pull the sail tighter", she replied, which is not the true answer I know now, but for the level I was on it was all I needed to know. So I pulled for all I knew, and the boat was leaning more than 45 degrees. And it was swoooshing forward at high speed, coz it was a windy day. And I was in heaven. I was laughing out loud. This was on a friday, and I was so obsessed with the experience I had my husband and children to go there with me again on the sunday just looking at the boats ... caressing them. It is more than one hours drive. And I dreamed I would end up racing in the Olympics winning the gold-medal. And maybe I will ...

Yesterday I was there again, sailing. It was a lovely sunny day. Perfectly beautiful. Not windy enough for my taste, but on the other hand it gave me a chance to experiment and get a bigger understanding of some of the details of sailing.

I just recommend everyone to try it out. Please do! It is good for the soul!


Carol B said...

These sound very interesting. Maybe I will learn to sail one day?!

Barbara Lewis said...

I took sailing lessons a million years ago on Flying Scott Day Sailers with a centerboard. I Love Sailing! Just wish I could get back to it! The experience of gliding through the water, heeling over, with the wind blowing against your face ... and not engine noise ... the best!!!!

Malin de Koning said...

Carol, go for it! Just go and try it out once ... to see if you like it you know. And with these small boats you don't need to be strong or move around a lot. They are very easy to sail.

Barbara! When we get together one day in the future, which I hope we will, we must go sailing together!