Monday 25 October 2010

Charlie - is he an assistant?

I am trying to sort out a lot of my bead stash at the moment. To get rid of things I got early in my beading "carreer" and that I believe I will never use. Here you can see a few bags at the bottom of a plastic box.
Hm, Charlie thought, after having tried to lay straight across the keyboard of my computer as I was working on it, and I didn´t let him. He just had to find another cozy spot, didn't he.
Hm, seems something is going on with this box here. And it seems small enough for me to do one of my famous squeeze-into-a-tiny-space tricks. Yes, it worked! I had to change position about ten times. And quite a bit of my body is hanging over the edge, but hey, there is a plastic cup I can rest my chin on. Do you see how perfectly comfortably my front legs are pushing against the wall of the box? Good thing it is transparent so you can actually see it.


EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

He is a cute assistant even though he gets into everything! I love how cats just contort themselves in the most unlikely areas. My cats do the same thing when I am on the keyboard, they must make their presence known!
Thanks for sharing the pics!
Have a great week.

Spirited Earth said...

this is soo funny..cats have the strangest thing about tiny boxes..

Unknown said...

Ohhh that is too funny! Cats arent they something Always trying to get into small and or cosy places. But your cat takes the Cake here!!! lol.

Maneki said...

Vilken sötnos! Katter har gärna ett visst intresse för pärlor. Tyvärr inte likadant som en mänsklig pärlares intresse utan mer jag-ska-gå-i-alla-pärlor-så-jag-får-uppmärksamhet-intresse eller ja-en-sån-kul-leksak-intresse. För att inte nämna de gånger de utser en pärllåda, pärlmatta eller t o m hög med pärlpåsar till sin nya sovplats...

Men jag kommer nog aldrig att förstå vad som är så mysigt med att sova "hopknycklad" i en alldeles för liten låda/skål/burk.