Saturday 17 March 2012

ABS March - Earrings

This month's inspiration painting on Art Bead Scene is one by Vincent van Gogh. He's a favorite artist of mine, and I even did a speech on him, his life and his art back in school when I was around 16. Read more about the challenge on Art Bead Scene's page here.

In fact these earrings are just a sort of coincidental accident. I have so many things laid out on my table to play around and work with for my challenge piece/-s. What I was looking for to create yesterday was something else, but suddenly these beads were just laying there next to each other, and VOILÁ , it just happened. I think they look really nice and very French ;-). But I'll keep working on one or two more pieces still. Hope to get them ready and present them here in the coming week.

I used:
  • Pomegranate red with white heart lamp worked beads by BoulderGlassMonkey
  • lucite marbled ivory and grey round and hexagonal beads
  • blue large seed beads
  • Rosey Copper head pins by E2SSupplies
  • French Lily Copper ear hooks

All my best,


steufel said...

Super cute! I really love them in your lobes!

H.T. said...

Vincent van Gogh's paintings can be the fabulous inspiration for beading.i think,not only his paintings,but those all by other representatives of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism.
Vincent is one of my favorite painters too,but I think,Sissley's pictures,as for the beginning of the epogue were more typical,moody and because of the coloristics-more fascinating.
The colors of Your earrings are strongly adequate to the painting's mood and coloristics.I also like the beads'selection.
I wouldn't call them 'very French',even if the colors oscillate a little to the French flag,but thir specific 'climate' is rather closer to Holland-matching to the painting and the country of origin.
I can say-I like Your new creations.You look nice with them.

Anna Lear said...

Wow, these are so beautiful and simple -- I love how they look on you!

Rebecca said...

Perfect! And they would go beautifully with my ABS challenge bracelet :-)

Initial Charms said...

Very cute piece with some solid and bold colours.I think the most liked things in the world are the most simple things which captivate the mind.

Tracy said...

Sometimes simple designs really are the best -- these are adorable!