Friday 19 November 2010

HumbleBeads Pain - Our Gain

These two squirrels was talking the other day about going to Sweden to check out their red cousins. They had planned to buy their tickets today, coz they got into some money today. And lucky them, they got a HUGE discount on their tickets. 50%! Imagine that. So they ended up bringing a lot of extra luggage too, all of it from Heather Powers bead shop. The lady they will be staying with, Malin, is over the moon about it all and so much looking forward to their arrival. She sends all her best to Heather, and wishes her good luck with the plumbing business.

Hurry now to HumbleBeads to read more about it, and buy her wonderful beads extra cheap.


Pretty Things said...

So cute! And I hit the sale, too! Couldn't resist another gnome and a strand of beads!

Angel Whisperer said...

jag höll också på att göra en beställning men besinnade mig då jag har så mycket...svårt...