Saturday 6 November 2010

Wishing on a Saturday instead #

Hello there,
I missed my regular Wishful Wednesdays post this week. And it seems it is a rather popular post so I thought I'd share some current wishes of mine today instead. So here we go, hope you get as inspired as I am from these finds:

1. From LimaBeads I recently bought the NewsPrint Jasper Heishi beads. And gosh are they wonderful. At first the big puffed coins where in my cart aswell, but then I got a bit tight so I took them away. Now I just feel I need to get them anyway. This stone is apparently very rare, and it comes from Australia.

2. Oh, I am so in the mood to use elephants in my jewellery lately. And just the day after I had been roaming around on Etsy searching for beads of elephants I saw a new piece by Lorelei with elephants in it. (Hi Lorelei!) So I don't know if that was just a coincidence, or if elephants will be a next big thing. I, anyway, wanna make a bracelet I'm gonna call "the Elephant Walk". And it shall be a line of them holding on trunk to tail like they do in circuses. But all beads I find are drilled the other direction so I think I might have to make them myself in polymer clay. But I did find these two very very nice Elephant Pendants from TheIDConnection. And I really wish for those.
3. At BeadsAndPieces they have a nice collection of horn beads which I also have been looking a lot for over the last few days. Funny how one get these craves for different materials and colours at different times. Look at these Burnt Horn Flat Squares 25x25mm. YUM!
4. BeadsAndPieces also have this chain made of Linked Makabibi Shell & Yellow Horn Rings. Each ring is 30mm. Oh my!

Now, enjoy the rest of your weekend. I myself have had a very pleasant day today, meeting my friend Yvonne who is exhibiting her art in an art gallery/museum, Edsviks Konsthall. It has been a very beautiful sunny day. And Yvonne had asked me to bring some of my jewellery coz we haven't met for a while, so she wanted to see what I have done. Her friend Fia bought one of my bracelets (one I haven't showed here, but will soon, so you can see it), and Yvonne asked me to make a custom necklace for her. I am very happy 'bout that. Had a glass of white wine also, which was very very nice! Most of the art exhibited was very good and interesting. So I had just the most perfect afternoon with very nice company. Now I believe there is a good film on. 23 with Jim Carrey. I missed the beginning, but after I have published this post and made a cuppa for me and Mark I will turn it on.



Unknown said...

Me too! How are you doing Malin? Hows your weather must be cold now. My MIL in Scotland said its brrr cold in Scotland.

Malin de Koning said...

Hi Janet, I accidently clicked the publish button too early, so there was only a title. Hope you will get around to read the whole post now. I mention the weather of today at the end of the post.
All my best! I'm fine today!