Wednesday 17 November 2010

Revealing - The Lejonklou and de Koning Challenge #3

Part three of mine and Birgittas challenge was to make a chain necklace containing parts from this soup of beads. Ingridients had to be: something pink, something white, something black, some chain and at least one inch of the silk ribbon.
I have to admit that this one was really difficult for me. Something about the colour combination and the surfaces that is not really me. But it has been a very good experience because of that. I figured out that I don't like it when all parts are very shiny, or when the colours are very contrasty. I have tried many different concepts, before I settled on this one. I think it turned out nicely in the end, if I may say so myself. I did not use all of the beads or components that Birgitta sent. But you will see the white coral rondelle together with a black flower beadcap being used as a clasp, and one of the black rondelles as one of the dangles too. Of course the pale lilac silk ribbon and one of the nicely patinated chains from Birgitta. I have also used some pearls, rounds and facetted black glass.
I added from my own stash: a white silk ribbon, copper parts and beads, various bead caps and some facetted pink opal gemstones. And headpins and wire. The bead caps was a consious decision to experiment with. I hardly ever use them myself, but so often I see others using them in a way that really helps lifting the beads and the design.

Something about this necklace made me start to sing "Aquarius" from Hair. I wanted to name it something to do with astrology, but nothing suited I thought, so it ended up being Astrid, a Swedish female name I find very feminine and beautiful.

Visit Birgitta Lejonklou's Blog to see what she did.

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Angel Whisperer said...

Love this one!!
det blev jättetjusigt tycker jag!!
Skulle vara kul att se det på dig :)
längre grejor är svåra att fota bra utom på en person om ens då beroende på kamera o ljus men detta är nog inte så långt som min version. Kul med det vita sidenet också
Japp det var inte lätt men det är kul med utmaningar! Får se vad det blir härnäst?