Wednesday 12 January 2011

BTW - Bead Table Wednesday

Heather Powers has created a group called BTW on flickr. We are supposed to take a photo of our bead table every wednesday, in order to share what is going on in our own little corners of the world. Read here on HumbleBeads blog about this group! I love this concept. I love to see what other's are in the middle of, and I love to get comments on my own doings. Please join you too. The morer the betterer!

So here is my table today:
Firstly, I have done a tidying up, so now it looks a lot better than on my VLOG from Saturday. Which is nice! (Does anyone remember those scetches from Fast Show? My favourite is the one about the original copy of the bible. But that particular one can't be found on YouTube unfortunately.)

Secondly I recieved these silk cocoons yesterday. Lovely aren't they!?! What shall I do with them? So many ideas and possibilities.

I directly came to think of this meat-eating plant when I saw them. Searching for this image on the internet I came across a lot of other beautiful meat eating plants. Gorgeous photos, really inspiring. Unfortunately copyrighted all of them, so I recommend you to do a search yourself for "meat eating plant" images.

All my best,

(My Fusion Beads has NOT arrived yet. Let's hope for better luck tomorrow)


Angel Whisperer said...

det skall bli kul att se vad du gör med dom kokongerna :) och den där lampan är verkligen asläcker! köttätande blommor är väl inte mina favosar direkt men väldigt tjusig bild ...tacka vet jag rosor :)

Rebecca said...

Fingers crossed your Fusion beads arrive soon! Mine came on Monday. Still waiting on my Owl clasp which I had to order separately. Love the BTW concept too - I posted a pic yesterday. I loved your VLOG! I am so nosy - I love peeking into other folks' lives and seeing what goes on with them. I practically drooled on my keyboard looking at your art bead collection.....gorgeous!!