Saturday 29 January 2011

I won these - hurray!

On ArtBeadScene. Or maybe it was just one of them I won. But anyway - that is so great. Very cool part. What shall I do with it? Mmmmmm ....

And now I would like to take the opportunity to get some more of Cindy's things. Never bought anything from her, although I've been really wanting to. But again I have already spent over my budget for about one month ahead (and guess just how hard it was for me to not go buying anything from either RoundRabbitExtra or KabsCreativeConcepts yesterday when they where listing new stuff in their shops). Well, we'll se if I can manage to solve the Cindy-issue somehow ... I'm off to her shop now: CindyGimbroneBeads

Ok then, from what is currently in Cindy's shop I would like these:
Yum yum yum and double yum again!

Enjoy the rest of the evening ,


Heidi Post said...

Lucky! I love those lotus pods. Also, I really like the faux wood bird. Congrats :)

Anonymous said...

You scored! Yes, I'd say "double yum" too!

Rebecca said...

Gorgeous! I have never bought from Cindy either. But I did go a bit mad in RoundRabnitExtra yesterday....can't wait to see what you buy from Cindy! X

Malin de Koning said...

Oh now you have me curious Rebecca. I have to see what you got.
I don't think I will get around buying something from Cindy this time anyway, even if I wish too. I will just have to continue dreaming. But one day.

Angel Whisperer said...

that was a great catch congrats!! looks very interesting to use ! and a very pretty color You got Your CANDY :)