Monday 20 September 2010

Magical Musical Mondays #7

Novos Baianos. One of Brazil's most important bands ever. Peak period in the first half of the 70's. Part of the music movement MPB (Musica Publica Brasil). Their music is a mix of Bossa Nova, Samba and Rock. The album Acabou Chorale from 1972 is considered one of the best albums ever by Rolling Stones magazine.

This video is filmed when they are playing live outdoors at their "farm" in Bahia where they lived as a big collective. Look out for my favourite part where there suddenly are a few super cool shots of the speakers. And then a kind of peak view from behind and between some narrowly standing houses/sheds. Goes so very well with the music there.

If you like this, which I hope you do, you can find more on YouTube. I discovered this band a couple of years ago via an album review of a compilation album of brasilian music (in DN, the biggest newspaper here in Sweden) . It made me curious. So I searched the internet, and found a diamond. I love this!

By the way, I have myself been on the "famous people's page" in Fohla de Sao Paolo, Brazil's biggest newspaper. I shall have that article scanned so I can show you. I have been to Brazil twice. First time in 1990, when me and my boyfriend at the time were travelling through South America for 6 months. Second time when I in 1995 went to Brasil to do a two months internship at an Industrial Design company. It was part of my education to go on internship. And I just wanted to go somewhere abroad, and I also wanted to go back to Brazil. So I worked my ass off to make it happen, and it did. And I ended up among the creme de la creme of Brazil in the paper. Pretty bizarre.

I really like Brazil, although it is a land of huge social differences. I looove the people, friendliest you could imagine. And today I read they have a brand new law. "The bullshit law". You are not allowed to talk badly to your children about the other parent. Or make it difficult for them to meet and see each other. I suppose it is mainly meant for families where the parents don't live together anymore. Very good indeed!!!!

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