Monday 6 September 2010

A sucker for cuties

1. If you go to Harem6's blog you will find (among lots of other things) a pair of dogs eyes staring at you in a begging way. It's a link to something. I don't have a clue to what, it's written in Romanian. But I just HAVE to click on that link, don't I. Oh it's an adoption center for dogs, I DO understand that from the name of the site Adoptii Caini. I directly find these two cuties. There are hundreds of dogs in need of a new home on that site. If you are weak hearted like myself, you will immediately start to consider how you would go about adopting one of them. Of course I woun't in the end, but I just can't help being carried away. One day I will have a dog, one day.

2. A raven. Ravens are NOT cute. Powerful and majestic, yes. But not cute. Have you seen the ones living in the "Tower of London"? They are massive. But what about this one then? He is tiny, only about an inch. In fact he is so tiny he will be travelling all the way to me here in Sweden in an envelope from the USA. Coz he just happens to be so incredibly cute, I couldn't resist him. By ALD Designs.

3. Darth Vader? Is he cute? Well if he is portraited like this he certainly is. By StoneMe. Darth is also on his way to me in an envelope. He's gonna end up sitting on a necklace I will make for my daughter's 7th birthday in October. She likes Darth Vader, she does, you see.


Studio By The Forest said...

Malin, thank you so much! :) He'll be on his way very shortly! You do beautiful work! ♥

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Malin! I hope your little girl enjoys Darth the beach stone :D (Beautiful blog!) - Val