Wednesday 8 September 2010

Wishful Wednesdays #2

I want to share with you this great shop I discovered recently, when I was in England a few weeks ago. Went there to visit the wedding between my brother-in-law Ryan and Rebecca. They live in York, a wonderful picturesque town with a huge Abbey and medieval wall around the city center. The wedding was absolutely beautiful. But I am not going to talk about that now. Coz today is Wishful Wednesday #2. During the stay in England I and my family stayed in a hotel in Leeds, a neighbouring town to York. And while there I of course wanted to check out if there was any nice bead shops in the area. I found YumYum Beads right in the fashionable and beautiful shopping area in the city center of Leeds, called the Arcades. The whole area is full of stunningly beautiful arcades built in the Victorian era. A true pleassure to walk around there.

Anyway, the YumYum Beads shop is soooooo mouthwatering to enter. Crowded with for me many new and very interesting designs on beads and findings. I could easily have gone way to far with my shopping in there. But I managed to stay on a super tight £17 budget. That is $26. Can you imagine that? And look here below at all the goodies I got for that sum.

I didn't go for any of all of the wonderful, bigger and more expensive parts in metal though. They were the ones that I was really super keen on. And still am. The good thing is that they have an on-line shop. Just look at some of the things they have.

If you wish to check out the shop on-line, there is currently two sites to visit.

(From what I understand they will eventually end up being just one. The company is in the process of merging them.)

The French Bead Shop is YumYum Bead's sister site and a summer shop in the medieval town of Dinan in Brittany, France. Open seasonally from Easter until mid September.

The two lovely helpful and friendly ladies that was working in the shop the day I visited gave me their names on a piece of paper, but of course I have lost that paper (sorry about that). Please write a comment if you see this. And hey, next time I am in the area I will pop by for shure! See you then!
Below, some nice earrings for sale in the shop.
Until next time, all my best,


Barbara Lewis said...

Wow! What a great place! You could stay for hours!

Rebecca said...

Lovely pics Malin - I must take a visit to Leeds!

Anonymous said...

Hi Malin

My name's Elly - I'm the girl in the picture with the 'I Love NY' tshirt! The other lady's name is Sheree. Thanks for the wonderful blog post, and I'm glad you liked the shop. I've been following your blog since you came in the shop and gave us your address: I really like it, your jewellery pieces are beautiful and you've given me the chance to explore some bead suppliers and shops that otherwise I would never have found out about! Take care and hope you are well :)


Malin de Koning said...

Hi Elly, so nice to hear from you. I have written on your blog too. All my best and take care.

manomij said...

Well I could not believe it when i came across this post. I noticed your name first and thought you were Dutch, I am you see, but soon noticed you were not.
I started to read your blogposts and some great creations which made me curious about your older blog posts then I noticed the shop Yum Yum beads. I live in Leeds and like to visit the shop, how funny reading about it on your post.
Well I just thought I mention it Malin, nice to find your blog!

Malin de Koning said...

Hi Manon! My surname is dutch because my english husband's grandfather was dutch. Did you manage follow that .... ? LOL
Anyway , so nice to make your aquintance. Went to your blog and saw your nice work. You should check out Harem6, they do dolls too. All my best.