Saturday 15 November 2014

4 new pairs of earrings for the darker season

Emeraldic Magic
Ok I know it's not emerald, not even the color is right. It's jade. But you have to admit the name works better with emeraldic than with jade-ic. If the jade is real or man-made I don't know. But I do guess man-made based on the prize and the fact that there are no imperfections at all. Real jade of that quality I assume would be much more expensive, but I am not 100% sure about that. Anyhow, the color is amazing with a lovely semi-opaqueness that really catches light beautifully. And it works so well with MissFickleMedia's patinated chain and the raw brass colors of the wire and the glass beads.

Mismatched In A Rustic Boho Style
Art beads: 
Ceramic dangles with pattern - Scorched Earth
Dark bronze colored bicones with a flower patterned edge - GracefulWillowBeads

Handmade oxidized copper ear hooks - E2SSupplies
Glass disc beads
Heavily oxidized jump rings
Oxidized copper wire

Purple Ceramic Dangles With Beaded Beads
Art beads:
Purple ceramic pod charms - MarlasMud
Beaded beads - Malin de Koning

Handmade heavily oxidized copper ear hooks - CuriousBeadShop
Copper wire

Studs with Copper Circles, Dangles with Art Beads and Beaded Beads
Art beads:
Beaded Beads - Malin de Koning
Polymer clay discs - HumbleBeads

Copper ear studs
Copper rings
Copper wire
Faceted bronze glass rondelles
Copper spacer rings 

Do you like any of these ear rings and want to buy them? Please let me know! It would be a perfect Christmas Present for any lovely lady! Something handmade and completely unique. :-)

All my best,