Saturday 15 November 2014

4 new pairs of earrings for the darker season

Emeraldic Magic
Ok I know it's not emerald, not even the color is right. It's jade. But you have to admit the name works better with emeraldic than with jade-ic. If the jade is real or man-made I don't know. But I do guess man-made based on the prize and the fact that there are no imperfections at all. Real jade of that quality I assume would be much more expensive, but I am not 100% sure about that. Anyhow, the color is amazing with a lovely semi-opaqueness that really catches light beautifully. And it works so well with MissFickleMedia's patinated chain and the raw brass colors of the wire and the glass beads.

Mismatched In A Rustic Boho Style
Art beads: 
Ceramic dangles with pattern - Scorched Earth
Dark bronze colored bicones with a flower patterned edge - GracefulWillowBeads

Handmade oxidized copper ear hooks - E2SSupplies
Glass disc beads
Heavily oxidized jump rings
Oxidized copper wire

Purple Ceramic Dangles With Beaded Beads
Art beads:
Purple ceramic pod charms - MarlasMud
Beaded beads - Malin de Koning

Handmade heavily oxidized copper ear hooks - CuriousBeadShop
Copper wire

Studs with Copper Circles, Dangles with Art Beads and Beaded Beads
Art beads:
Beaded Beads - Malin de Koning
Polymer clay discs - HumbleBeads

Copper ear studs
Copper rings
Copper wire
Faceted bronze glass rondelles
Copper spacer rings 

Do you like any of these ear rings and want to buy them? Please let me know! It would be a perfect Christmas Present for any lovely lady! Something handmade and completely unique. :-)

All my best,

Thursday 16 October 2014

Three bracelets for fall-autumn

Bracelet - Fall In Love
Art beads:
Beige, blue and brown stripy polymer clay disc - HumbleBeads
Leaf in polymer clay - HumbleBeads

Chocolate jasper rounds
Lime yellow jade faceted rounds
Skye blue czech glass beads
Rhodium toggle clasp
Pale blue waxed linen cord

Bracelet - Greens With Ivory Opals
Art beads:
Bright green and clay raku ceramic round bead - Jubilee
Mermaid blue-green ceramic round - Gaea
Ivory white ceramic round - Gaea
Green and Ivory ceramic Oval - MarlasMud
Hammered copper toggle bar - Malin de Koning

Ivory white opal nuggets
Faceted semi-precious stone (unknown)
11/0 ivory seed beads
Ivory waxed linen cord

Bracelet - Purples With Green And Lime Turquoises
Art Beads:
Syringa lilac with green leafs polymer clay discs - Humble Beads
Syringa lilac ridged lampwork glass round - Gardanne
Rose swirl copper clasp - The Curious Bead Shop

Green And Lime Turquoises
Green griffin silk cord

All my best,
Malin de Koning

Monday 6 October 2014

Autumn feel - earrings and bracelets

Jewelry making often creates storytelling for me.

Bracelet - Grey Squirrel
I remember when I bought this squirrel from HumbleBeads some years ago, together with it's brother/sister. I kind of imagined their whole journey from the US to Sweden. Seeing them leaving the house of Heather Powers, probably somewhat worried about what was going on and holding on to each other. Then shifting to the different means of transportation along the way, experiencing many exciting things on their long journey, until they finally arrived at my own doorstep. At last in their new home. I wanted to take such good care of them. 

I don't know why, but I often get that kind of personal relationship with my beads. My mind just come up with these stories. As if they are actually living creatures. I sense it is a childish side in my personality that I can't help. But at the same time it actually adds something great when it comes to making my jewelry. I feel I have to honour my beads, so that they get the perfect company, not just anything that "will do". It is important that the context is right for all participating parts. This is the reason why I so often have beads laying for a long time before I put them into use. And look at this squirrel now. Isn't he very content? He feels good. He is where he belongs. In a good wood/forest. At least that's what I see.
Art beads:
Grey Squirrel - HumbleBeads 
Bright blue lampwork disc - CheekyCherub

Forest green semi-precious stone rounds, jasper or agate I believe (please, if you know write a comment) 
Elongated twisted camagong tiger wood beads
Rust red waxed linen cord
Copper findings

Earrings - Rustic with patinated parabolic discs
Perhaps I am effected by that I saw the film Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy just the other day, (I really liked it), but these earrings I imagine as some kind of parabolic receptors taking in signals from outer space. Possibly even traveling through space themselves.
Art beads:
Handmade copper earring hoops - JNicLoft
Patinated copper parabolic discs - MissFickleMedia
Robins egg blue small lampwork disc - SpanksyDesigns
Robins egg rustic lampwork disc - Outwest
Green and yellow raku discs - Jubilee
Brass flower head pins - TheaElements

Seed beads, facetted glass rondelles, bone rondelle

Earrings - Lotus Cones
Art beads:
Handmade copper earring hooks - RubyMountainMetal
Lotus cones, polymer clay - MarlasMud
Enameled copper head pins - PaintingWithFire

Resin disc beads and brass components

Bracelet - Autumn Mushroom
Art Beads:
Green mushroom - HumbleBeads
Copper swirly hook - TheCuriousBeadShop
Orange ceramic hank button - Bo Hulley

Czech glass beads, copper bead, waxed linen cord

Hope you enjoyed!

All my best,

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Earrings in September #3

And more earrings :-)

Art beads by Jubilee and HumbleBeads

Art beads by Jubilee

Let me know if you would like to buy any of these earrings pairs.

All my best,

Friday 19 September 2014


Bracelet - Houses (so packed with art beads)
Art beads: Saffron Yellow twisted rings - MissFickleMedia
Green Erudite facetted polymer clay bead - Second Surf
Bronze large Bicone with patterned edge, polymer clay- GracefulWillowBeads
Green edged raku ceramic Disc - Jubilee
Yellow raku ceramic House - Jubilee
Oxidized Copper Oak leaf dangle - DaisyChain
Teal on dark clay small Pebble bead - Gaea
Pink and orange polymer clay cube - GracefulWillowBeads
Green raku ceramic House - Jubilee

Wooden side drilled oval bead
Oxidized copper wire
Oxidized copper lobster clasp

Bracelet - Maroc
Art beads: Bronze Macaroni ceramic bead - Elaine Ray
Rustic Sea Blue etched Lampwork rondelle - OutWest
Sand and Sea Blue polymer clay disc - HumbleBeads

Brass spacer beads
Large rose red and dark grey matte seed beads 
Bronze drop beads
Czech glass beads
Vintaj brass swirl clasp
Waxed linen cord

Bracelet - Roses Garden
Art beads:
Copper Rose Swirl hook clasp - CuriousBeadShop
Flower stamped resin coins - Susan K Nestor
Rose and Pink raku ceramic beads (6) - Jubilee

Copper ring
Czech glass beads
Waxed linen cord

All my best,

Thursday 18 September 2014

More Fun With Earrings

My aim in my current earrings period is to make designs which are more playful than I would normally do, or just not typical for myself. And I am very into the stacking concept, combining in a fun and perhaps unexpected way. Also I am going through my bead stash to find beads and components which have been waiting there for a long time, to finally be put into use. 

Art beads: Pink and orange cubes by GracefulWillowBeads. 
Brass ear wires from Vintaj.

Art beads: Green enameled corrugated rounds by PaintingWithFire.
Rosey copper ear wires by E2SSupplies.
I treated one of the copper barberry leaves dangles a bit too rough, so it broke at the stem. But as I had only two, and didn't want to give up on the design idea I fixed it, creating a new bail with copper wire.

Art beads: Grey with white discs by SecondSurf.
Rosey copper ear wires by E2SSupplies.
The copper cups I've had for ages. Happy to finally create something with them that works, in it's own quirky way :-).

Please let me know if you like and want to buy any of these earrings.

All my best,

Friday 12 September 2014

Is it the beginning of an Earrings Craze?

The weather here in Sweden has been unusually warm for this time of the year. But I have suffered from a cold, and had to spend time in bed (which I really hate) so I haven't been able to enjoy the outdoors life like I normally would do during such periods. Fall is my favorite season. And the sunny fall days are just so wonderful. Well, I didn't have to spend ALL the time in bed, so I managed to pull together some new earrings at least. It might be the beginning of an earrings craze. Kind of like the bracelet craze I had at the end of the summer. I am very in the mood for earrings at the moment.

Rustic Hearts
Art beads by Scorched Earth and MissFickleMedia.

Dotted And Stacked
Art beads by SecondSurf and E2SSupplies

Gold And Black
Art beads by Gardanne

Fortune Telling
Art beads by PrimaDonna, BeadsByEarthTones, MissFickleMedia and JNicLoft

Yellow And Blue Cubes
Art beads by Jubilee and MissFickleMedia

Please let me know if you are interested in any of the items in this post. 
E-mail me at: malindekoning[at]

All my best,

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Feeling Green

Art bead: 
Kiwi green large ceramic lentil by Elaine Ray

Other components:
Raw brass chain
Vintaj brass clasp and finding
Large seed beads
Green waxed linen cord

Art beads:
Green enameled rounds by Gardanne

Other components:
Wooden discs
Vintaj brass earring hooks
Green waxed linen cord

Art bead:
Lime green with teal enameled butterfly by Gardanne

Other components:
Taupe grey twisted silk cord
Brass chain and findings

Please let me know if you've taken fancy in any of these pieces.

All my best,

Friday 22 August 2014

Bracelet Craze #7

Here's 3 new ones:

Art bead: black facetted Erudite in polymer clay by Second Surf
Semi-precious stone: white-gray agate rounds

Art bead: elephant in polymer clay by PipsJewelry

Art bead: stoneware swirly lentil by BHClaySmith

Only the last one is for sale. Let me know if you are interested.

All my best,

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Bracelet Craze #6

So, I've upscaled the value of some of my later ones in this recent range of bracelets that I call Bracelet Craze (of 2014), by using semiprecious stones as well. Check back at previous, recent posts if you are interested in seeing more in the series. The posts are all named Bracelet Craze and then a number. I hope you too like my latest creations. I am very pleased with them myself if I may say so :-).

Art bead: patterned clay lentil by BHClaySmith
Semi-precious stone: Pale yellow quartz rounds

Art bead: Mellow Yellow bottle cap bead by Trinket Foundry
Semi-precious stone: Lime green jade nuggets

Art bead: green Erudite facetted round in polymer clay by Second Surf

Art bead: green raku ceramic flower by Jubilee

Please contact me if you would like to buy any of these bracelets.
E-mail: malindekoning[at]

All my best,

Saturday 16 August 2014

3 necklaces

Necklace with ceramic beads, a heart and rustic black chain
Art beads: 
Ceramic beads from left to right by Gaea, Diane Hawkey, Gaea and Jubilee 
Oxidized silver heart by DaisyChain

 Necklace with Owl
Art bead: 
Owl pendant in polymer clay by Jess Contreras

Necklace with words pendant - Love Is The Only Thing That Matters 
Art bead: 
Word pendant in polymer clay by SwoonDimples

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of these necklaces.
E-mail: malindekoning[at]

All my best,

Monday 11 August 2014

Bracelet Craze #5

They keep coming. I really enjoy making these. And here's another four :-).

Art bead in polymer clay by Marla's Mud.

Art bead in polymer clay by HumbleBeads.

Art bead, ceramic raku, by Jubilee.

 Art bead, ceramic, by Gaea.

Please contact me if you would like to buy any of these.
E-mail: malindekoning[at]

All my best,

Thursday 7 August 2014

Bracelet Craze #4

Oh no, I am not over it yet. The bracelet craze. It's much too much fun. I hope you too can enjoy it. I've made quite a few of them now. And here's another four of them :-).

I'm very pleased with this one!
Art beads by Jubilee and Gaea

Art bead by Jubilee

Art bead by Jubilee

Art bead by Golem

Please contact me if you would like to purchase any of these bracelets.

All my best,

Wednesday 6 August 2014

Some chunkier pieces

Most of the time I find it difficult to take photos of necklaces. I feel the pictures often don't manage to capture how great the actual piece looks in reality. This is exactly the case with the two necklaces I show here today. I am super pleased with them both, they look so good. But I am not happy with the photos … 
Anyway, I hope what I show you here will give you at least an idea. 

Chunky Necklace with Four Odd Art Beads
Art beads from left to right: SecondSurf, Gaea, Staci Louise Smith and Jubilee

Long Necklace with Rectangles And Squares
Art beads by Jubilee and Second Surf

Chunky Bracelet In Pastelly Pinks Greens And Yellows
Art beads by Jubilee, Gaea, Diane Hawkey and Genea

Please contact me if you wish to get any of these pieces. 
E-mail: malindekoning[at]

All my best,
Malin de Koning

Tuesday 29 July 2014

Bracelet Craze #3

More bracelets … 7 of them ...

Art bead: Ceramic book by Mary Harding

Art bead: Blue semi-spherical raku ceramic bead by Jubilee

Art bead: Ecru Wing Ding lampwork glass bead by Genea

Art bead: Yellow Yes polymer clay heart by JettaBug

Art bead: Grumpy Bull Dog head ceramic by BHClaySmith

Art bead: Green flat drop ceramic bead by Gaea

Art bead: Lime green ceramic coin by Jubilee 

Please contact me if you are interested in any of these bracelets. E-mail: malindekoning[at]

All my best,