Saturday 21 April 2012

Wrapped, Stacked & Layered Bracelets

I do love a good challenge. I find it hard to resist them. And now this one. All about many many many bracelets being worn at the same time. Yes, I do agree with Tracy Statler of Make Bracelets Blog who came up with the idea of this challenge, it looks awesome. Go to her blog to find lots of inspiration on nice bracelets just in general.

Now - Wrapped, Stacked & Layered Bracelets - here's what I have made:

I started off with a bracelet that I actually made a few weeks before I entered the challenge. I call it Travelling by Hot Air Balloon. He he, don't you agree it gives you that feeling. (Or perhaps it's just me?). Glass and ceramic beads and a big brass colored button for closure.

Then I made this multi strand one with seed beads of many different colors and large white pearls.

Seeing those two together, and the color scheme, I came to think of a piece I put together at the end of last year. With MissFickleMedia's purple chain and Mary Harding's ceramic clasp. I haven't yet decided on if it's enough as it is, or if I want to add more things to it. But here, and with the other bracelets it works perfect just as it is.

Finally, I decided to also add another previous piece of mine, The Little Bird. Here's my blog post on that.

Here they are together again, and layed out.

Now have fun checking out everyone else's stacked bracelets: (our hostess Tracy Statler) (you are here)

Friday 20 April 2012

My Tortoise Escaped And Ran Away Into The Woods

When I made this bracelet the other day I had a story playing up in my head. I've never had a tortoise. But I couldn't help imagining we had one, by the name of Mr Tortoise :-), and that he escaped, and "ran" into the little wood next to our garden. I felt he had a good time roaming around in there among the branches, stones and blueberries. He was gone for about half a day. Eventually we would of course find him, and bring him home to the safety of our care. But he got a great adventure for a while there. And he was happy.

Do you get stories in your head like that when you make your jewelry? I do most often actually. I've never thought about it before, I guess it is just a natural part of my creating process. But this story was so strong and specific, so it stuck. I care for that Mr Tortoise, and I wish for anyone who would wear this bracelet in the future to know of his story. Doesn't he look very very content now? :-)

  • Content Mr Tortoise by TreeWingsStudio
  • Ivory polymer clay "swirls" by Floridity
  • Rustic etched lampwork bead by Outwest
  • Forest polymer disc bead by HumbleBeads
  • Small Ceramic brownish round by Gaea
  • Glass, prehnite, agate, coral sticks, lucite flower, seed beads, memory wire

Mark on the other hand had a tortoise when he was a child. And apparently it used to escape about once every year, when the mating season hormones struck. They do that he was told, and it is a strong strong need, so you can't stop them. Mark always found him again, but then one year he didn't. So sad! Now, Mark really liked this bracelet when he saw it yesterday as I was taking the pictures above. Stories inter-tangling :-).

All my best,

Wednesday 18 April 2012

A bracelet

I made this bracelet back in February. It's been away on a transatlantic journey since. But today it came back, so now I can show it to you :-). Don't you find it difficult to not directly share designs that you are particularly happy with? I do! But I guess the more times I submit my pieces the less of an issue that will actually be for me.

Materials and resources:
1 Multi Hole Green Earthy Triangle Connector - RoundRabbit
1 Wine Red Wing Ding bead - Genea
2 10mm Burgundy Facetted Pearls - they were a gift from Heidi Post, she bought them at a show

30 4-5mm Garnet mini coins - StarEyes
55 Size 8 Burgundy Lined Transparent Peridot Triangle Seed Beads - FusionBeads
38 Size 6 Olivine with Frosted Silver and Pink Lining Seed Beads - LimaBeads

1 Antiqued Brass Old Timer Lobster Clasp - PatinaQueen
3 10mm Etched Brass Jump Rings Vintaj - FusionBeads
1 10mm 16G Brass Jump Ring - BeadAholique
Ca 600mm Size 6 Jade Green Silk Cord with needle - Ornamentea

All my best,

Saturday 14 April 2012

Breaking my blog silence

Hi there,
So, I've been awfully quiet here on my blog for a couple of weeks. There is really no reason at all for it. I am fine. Life goes on as usual, and so on. I simply haven't felt I have anything to blog about. I'm sure it happens to us all at times. My aim is to post here on my blog at least once a week, and hopefully more often. And now I haven't.

So I just thought I'd share with you some wonderful things I've bought over the last period. All of them apart from a couple have already arrived. However, none of them have yet ended up in a piece I have completed (apart from a bit of that Rayon Gimp which I used in a bracelet). Semi-finished yes, but not fully. And some of them will have to wait a little longer before I decide what I will do with them.

Please note that scale between each item is not correct

The suppliers are, from top left:

Lisa Peters (I got two of those lovelies)
GuldPaddan (they are super tiny)

HumbleBeads (I got two eggs)

All my best,