Friday 26 April 2013

7th Bead Soup Blog Party - Reveal

So it's that time again. The Bead Soup Blog Party 7, third reveal. My partner is Agi Kiss of Moon Safari Beads, from Hungary. Here's a reminder of what she sent me. She made all those awesome colorful polymer clay beads herself.

So my first piece is a necklace, using Agi's large silvery pendant, and the hook part of the clasp.

It's knotted with 8 strands of dark green waxed linen cording. I used some lovely rustic tumbled stone nuggets of Amazonite Blk Tourmaline, and some twisted silvery beads nearer to the back. A chunky chain around the neck to add some length, and the clasp sits somewhat to the side when hooked on to the chain.

Well, I have to admit I totally took this style of knotting with many cords from Erin Siegel, who had a beautiful necklace and bracelet published in the spring 2013 issue of Stringing Magazine. I absolutely completely fell in love the first time I saw it. And it was great making my necklace using this technique. At first I was a bit nervous if I would mess up a knot somewhere along the line, and therefor would have to waste all the linen cording because of that, but I very soon understood how to go about it all. It was not difficult, you just have to be thinking about what you are doing very conciously. All those cords create a beautiful effect, particularly suitable for necklaces in my opinion. 

Here's the link to Erin Siegel's own blog post, where you can see and read about her necklace and bracelet. (I had a smaller picture of them here before, but I noticed in my comments that quite a few people mistook it for one of my own designs. So I replaced it with this link instead. I am so sorry for causing that misunderstanding. It was not my intention at all.)

I don't often use large pendants like the one Agi sent me. So she had found a good thing to challenge me with there. :-) I am very happy with how this necklace turned out. Everything comes together in a nice bold, rustic and bohemic style. And I feel I have discovered and learned a few nice new things along the way. Thank you both, Agi and Erin!!!!

Agi also sent me a large blue rivoli bead. And even though I am a seed beader to some extent, I have never bezeled a cabochon or rivoli before. I never thought I would actually. Never felt the lust to be honest. But hey, now I kind of HAD to, didn't I. All that sparkle just begged for it.

My first attempt was not at all successful, the bezel became way too deep so to speak. But number two worked well, fitting just perfectly. And from there I just continued, figuring it out along the way. And it became a ring. I played with the color combos, trying to make something different and unusual. And this ring catches attention directly. I will wear it tomorrow at the party I am going to. :-)

The inside offers a little surprise, only visible when the ring is taken off. I like little details like that.

So once more a successful party experience for me. Thank you so very much Lori Anderson, for being the magnificent hostess you are!!!!!!!!

But oh, why didn't I make something with Agi's wonderful and colorful polymer clay beads? Well I did. And took it apart. Then I did again. And took it apart. Not happy with what I made. I felt my creations didn't do justice to Agi's beautiful work. But I am not giving up. One day, hopefully soon, you will see something where I have used them. 

Here's the link to our hostess Lori's blog, PrettyThings, where you will find the full list with all the links to all the other participants of the 3rd reveal of the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party.

But first I think you should check out what my partner, Agi Kiss of Moon Safari Beads, made with the beads I sent to her.

All my best,

Sunday 21 April 2013

A few new items

Howdy friends and blog followers,
I haven't posted here in a few weeks. So sorry for the absence. No particular reason at all, apart from that I just simply haven't been in the mood for taking photographs or to edit them, and to write here. That's how it is sometimes for me. I bet you know the kind of feeling.

Anyway, I have still been as productive as I usually am with my jewelry making. And here are three of my newer pieces. Two bracelets and one pair of earrings. 

Day And Night - Bracelet
Purple Ceramic disc by Marla's Mud
Midnight Blue Lucite Large Rice Shaped Beads
Clear Glass Rectangles
Antiqued Silvery Clasp
4 Colors of Waxed Linen Cording

The picture on the hand shows the colors more correctly. I had big problems capturing the colors in Jen's absolutely wonderful glass beads. 

Strawberry Orange Sorbet - Bangle Bracelet
Red Yellow Orange & Purple Lampwork Squishy Beads by Jen Zeiger
Large White Lined Crystal Seed Beads
16G Antiqued Copper Wire

Rock The Casbah - Earrings
Vintage Brass Plated Lucite Beads
Neon Orange Glass Rounds
Metallic Orange Seed Beads
Copper Rosey Head Pins
Vintaj Brass Ear Hooks

All my best,

My plan is to show you a few more of my latest creations over the coming period.