Saturday 17 September 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party 4 - Reveal

Welcome to the reveal of what I did with the soup I got from my party partner Susie Hibdon of VintageSusieAndWings. Check it out, isn't it just perfectly awesome! Very exciting. I love it! Read more about it here.
If you know me from before, you might be thinking this is a way more color-less collection of beads and findings than I normally work with. Yes, that is very true. So I decided that would be my challenge. To work in a completely de-saturated and grey-ish color scheme.

The ten numbered tags was what first caught my attention, and I early on had this idea to make ten pieces on the theme of the ten commandments. Sort of illustrating each of them. I made quite a bit of research which I would be happy to share with you at another time (I found out some pretty interesting stuff, I was not yet aware of). And I am still keen on that idea, although I realize it would be a rather advanced and more of an artistic project for me. At least the way I have thought about it. Perhaps one day ... :-)

So now this is what I have made:
My first piece is a lariat style necklace. With a Christian feel to it. I made quite a few alterations along the way, working with the colors, to create something interesting. Trying to figure this, for me, new thing out (the color scheme). I've used almost only stuff from Susie's soup, adding only a few milky white glass beads, and the black glass cross.

My second piece is a bracelet containing the clasp Susie sent me. So by now I had gotten more used to the color scheme, and I am pleased with the way I managed to work with the grays, whites and blacks and still compose an interesting piece. Simplicity does not have to be boring at all. All the round beads come from my own stash.

A big THANK YOU to Lori Anderson of Pretty Things for making this world wide beading event possible. Have fun blog hopping, here's the list of the participating people/blogs, grouped by partner couples:

The Hostess, Lori Anderson and her partner, Manuela Wutschke