Saturday 10 September 2011

Waiting and Wishing

So, what do you do when you have used up your whole shopping budget for the month AND borrowed from next month's one? Because I just HAD to buy one of Lorelei and Shannon's beatiful Lima kits. I am so happy I managed to get my hands on one of them. (I saw they have already sold out.)
You dream away, don't you. At least that's what I do. I dream and wish I could get all of the things in the collage below.

And what do you know - as I just now uploaded both the pictures to this post, I realized they kind of share the same color scheme. Is that a coincidence? Or have I been so heavily influenced by Lorelei and Shannon's pick? But, most of these things have been on my wish list for quite some time already. Well, I did of course make a selection today when I did put this collage together. And I decided I would not have a theme at all. Hm, interesting anyway, isn't it. Maybe that was why I fell so completely for the kit. A strong color longing within.

Green Apatite Cross Drilled Nugget Beads - BeadsOnSale
What can you say. I have a weakness for greenish semi-precious stones. AND for side drilled beads. Pretty pretty pretty!

Magnetic Clasp - Smitten Beads UK
I have actually bought one of these once before. Used it in one of the necklaces I made for Lorelei's FusionBeads Challenge in January. Now I want a few more, coz it is a great design which I find very useful in many different kinds of pieces.

Amethyst colored Leather - Fru Parla Sweden
Karin of Fru Parla, a Swedish shop for beads and supplies, always keeps a good selection of colored leather bands. Along with lots of other nice and fun and different things. I hope to meet her personally on the 10th of October when she will sell at a bead show in Taby, on the outskirts of Stockholm.

Green coated brass chain - Bead Trust
I have not yet ever made a purchase from BeadTrust. That is sooooo strange. Coz I really love their range of colorful and fun products.

101 Wire Earrings Book - Interweave Store
I have wished for this book for quite some time now. And just recently it was released as an ebook. That is so great I think. I am sure it will slip into my shopping cart next time I visit the Interweave shop.

Archival Print - SwallowField
I love Jennifer's little art-pieces/collages/illustrations. I would like a whole group of them together on a wall in my house. And a few more here and there to make me happy as I am moving through the house.

Warm Dusky Pink Chunky Hat - Ileaiye
Fall and winter is coming closer. I would like a new hat. Something with more color than the grey one I had last winter. I love the style and color of this one. And all of Ileaiye's things. YUM!

Abstract Raku Beads - Jubilee
Oh, how interesting these are. I would looooooove to use them in a piece. All of them in the same one. A necklace it would have to be. Don't you agree.

Ocean Blue Chai Pendant - MissFickleMedia
You should know by now that I adore all of Shannon's work. Nothing new there. Look, this one is also somehow very cute. I sort of see a compacted Pluto type dog with still long legs. Hope it is ok for Shannon if I say that. Pluto Chai. :-)

What do you wish for?


Alice said...

Malin, I was lucky enough to get one of those kits before they sold out too. Now I'm nervous about what I might make since i've never used a few of these components.

I've all but used up my bead budget, and so I'm hoping to sell all the pieces I put in a posh gallery in Kansas City just this morning, fill it up again, and sell out once more.

Clamworks said...

You have a budget??? What an interesting concept! LOL

I have the 101 Wire Earrings it!

Öbon said...

Love the colours!

Malin de Koning said...

Ha ha Clay Chick! I do have a monthly budget yes. But I would say I never keep it though ...

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh I am so jealous!!! The kits were way out of my nonexistent budget so I had to pass - I can't wait to see what you make Malin!

Malin de Koning said...

Oh, what a shame Patricia.
If we were next door neighbours I would share it with you.

Rebecca said...

What a gorgeous post Malin! I've just got back from Switzerland (my last few posts were cheaters as I scheduled them :-)) and am so gutted I have missed Lorelei's kit.....sold out! Of course though. So many folk will have snapped them up within hours. Beautiful colours they chose as well. Love your wishfuls....I bought that archival print so Swallowfield has you to thank for that sale :-) Looking forward to seeing your creations with the kit and of course, on saturday x

Unknown said...

I wish you could come over, Malin. My free bead and component packets have been put on hold until I can afford to ship things and not worry about it, but if you just came over, you could fill your pockets with goodies from my stash.
Thanks for showing off my "Pluto Chai" pendant.