Sunday 28 February 2010



Oh dear, all these wantings, cravings and lusts
that the beads create ...

My husband Mark, once said about my beadstash
"You just see some beads and you just want to have them because you like them, so you have to buy them."

I replied
"Yes, that is exactly how it is!"


Necklace Yellow Krobo - it is finished!

This is the finished thing. I am very pleased with it. You could either wear it one-stranded and long, or double and shorter.

Saturday beading from at least two continents

Just a little glimpse of my attempts today:

To the right you can see a layout with:
Yellow powderglass Krobo from Ghana, West Africa. The sky blue ones are from Indonesia. The brown slim tube ones are bamboo, and I believe they are from China.

I did finish that necklace earlier tonight and I am very happy with the final result. I have had those beads in my stock for quite a while now, almost a year. I will take a photo tomorrow in daylight and post it here.

To the left are some lilac/purple glass tubes that I bought in York, UK when we were there just after new years. I have combined them with facetted dyed bone beads and matte metalrounds. I will finish that one tomorrow.

Saturday 27 February 2010

Gorgeaus beads to win!

Check this out! You could win these gorgeaus beads if you are the lucky one.

I just love them!

They are made by Barbara Lewis, an american bead artist who is doing marvellous things. To have a chance to win them you should go to her blog, sign up to be a follower and also post a link on your own blog:

Good luck to everyone, but of course I wish I will be the one!

New and Green

Today satururday I realize I should start to be active here on my blog. I must post a connection to another blog in order to be able to win some marvellous beads I really wish to be the one to win.

Very soon the family Sosa-Breivik is coming to our place to eat dinner with us. Mark is making his own sushi.

I'll be back later...