Tuesday 11 August 2015

New Earrings and guest posting at Earrings-Everyday

I've had the honor of being invited twice recently to do guest posts on Earrings Everyday Blog. For the posts I've created some new earrings, that I haven't yet shown here. Here they are:

Ceramic links - Scorched Earth
White enameled curvy discs - PaintingWithFire
Silver ear hooks (oxidized) - E2SSupplies

Beaded beads - Malin de Koning
Rustic olive coloured pearls
Long flower patterned patinated brass dangles - Mary Dodd/MissFickleMedia
Copper ear hooks (oxidized) - RubyMountain
Oxidized copper wire

Cognac coloured rustic pearls
Electroplated hematite facetted square heishis
Rust coloured greek ceramic cog washers
Rustic Tin Works Caps Pins - CrowsCacheSupplies
Silver ear hooks (oxidized) - RubyMountain

Electroplated hematite saucer beads
Bronze and swirly polymer clay bead - HumbleBeads
Bronze polymer bicone bead with edge pattern - GracefulWillow
Green and yellow drop shaped rustic pearls
Copper ear hooks (oxidized) - RubyMountain
Oxidized copper wire

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of the earrings in this post.

All my best,