Sunday 22 July 2012

Two new bracelets

Purple glass ring by OutWest
Beaded bead by Malin de Koning
Pink/purple facetted Erudite bead by Floridity
Purple/pink ceramic round by Gaea
White/crystal lucite disks
Purple czech glass flower
Patinated chain by MissFickleMedia
Copper toggle by Malin de Koning
Waxed linen

Mushroom charm by HumbleBeads
Matte light blue seed beads
Gold wooden beads
Oxidized copper wire
Memory wire

All my best,
Malin de Koning

Saturday 21 July 2012

BSBP #6 - Howdy Partener

My partner in the 6th Bead Soup Blog Party arranged by lovely Lori Anderson of Pretty Things, is Marsha Neal. Oh boy what a treat for me!!! Marsha is an artisan bead maker of ceramic beads. You can't believe all the gorgeousness she makes in her studio. And I already own quite a few of her beads and components. She is also a reseller of lovely hand painted silk cord of an exquisite quality. If you follow Marsha's blog you will also understand that she is a passionate gardener. 

When I got Lori's e-mail a few weeks ago about who was my partner for this Bead Soup Blog Party, I went straight to FaceBook and wrote on Marsha's wall. I was so happy!!!! For some reason I wrote "Howdy Partener". You know, quoted from the film The Party with Peter Sellers.

I wasn't all sure Marsha would understand what I was referring to, so I found a clip from the film on YouTube which I also posted on her wall. It was ages ago since I saw that film, so I myself just had to watch that clip over and over again. I find it so utterly funny. Good thing, so did Marsha, and she suggested we'd use that film as our own extra inspiration and theme for this round of the BSBP. Of course!!!! I love the idea! It was only later I came to think of that the title of the film actually is The Party. How appropriate isn't that!? 

Please take a look at the actual clip here:

And if you haven't seen the film before, it is also available for free in it's full length (believe it or not) on YouTube. Here's the link to that

Anyway, both Marsha's and my soup have arrived safely by now. We also decided that we wouldn't send any pendants to each other, only bead type focals that can be incorporated in the stringing so to speak. Here's what Marsha sent me:

Honestly, I am blown away by all the goody-ness she packed for me. She completely spoiled me. And I haven't been able to hold back, I just love the soup she sent me, and our inspiration/theme. So even if our reveal date is the third one, on the 25th of August, I have already made one bracelet. And I also have ideas for earrings and at least one necklace too.

Beady Num Num!!!!!

This is what I sent to Marsha. I decided to not put anything ceramic in with her soup:

And a close up of the art beads:

All my best,

Sunday 8 July 2012

Art Bead Scene Challenge for July - Necklace

Art Bead Scene's monthly challenge for July 2012. How could I not be inspired by this painting by Picasso? I just fell for it. Couldn't resist it. Two Acrobats with a Dog by Pablo Picasso, painted in 1905. I am a big fan of Picasso just in general. In this painting what stands out for me is firstly the checkered pattern on the clothes, and then just the general color scheme of blues and beiges with a few daubs of yellow. I also get this matte dryness feeling texture wise. Coming I guess from both the actual materials used, gouache on what looks like card/paper, but also from the painting's motif. It looks like they are standing in a sort of desert like landscape just outside a village in the Spanish countryside. Mid day. Dry dry air. Dry soil.

So, roaming around my stash I found this large rectangular button by Tracee Dock of Classic Elements. It's been there for a good while, being absolutely lovely and all, but I have just not known what I would do with it. So perfect for this project isn't it! Starting there I wanted to add a fabric or textile element to my piece, to mimic the checkered pattern on the boy's clothes. So I started playing around with some waxed cotton cord. Not yet knowing what kind of piece I would have in the end. A bracelet, or a necklace?

Yes, I could have different colors going through the holes of the button! And then YES! I could braid the cords so that the button would become a pendant hanging from the braids. What a revelation that was for me. I love how the braiding mimics the checkered pattern in the fabric. It worked out so well also, because I was using three colors of cord in the first place. Now I could just let them continue into the two braided sections.

I have never used braids in my own jewelry before. But I just love Erin Siegel's creations when she does it. I'm such a fan of her work in general! So thank you for the inspiration Erin! :-)

Because I only had that length of the yellow cord, but still wanted the necklace to be a bit longer I added some chain around the neck. A nice brass chain with some rhombic links in there too. A swirly brass hook from Vintaj makes the clasp.

I see this necklace being worn with white summery clothes in "airy" cotton. What I would wear in a Spanish hot and dry countryside landscape :-).

Check out the flickr page for Art Bead Scene to see some more jewelry pieces inspired by this painting. There will be more of them turning up until the end of the month.

All my best,