Friday 29 June 2012

Two new Earrings

Pearls, glass trade beads, Vintaj brass links, silk cord. Vintaj brass ear hooks.

Polymer clay faceted chunky beads by Barbara Bechtel of Floridity or Second Surf. Oxidized copper wire. Oxidized copper ear hooks.

All my best,

Thursday 21 June 2012

A Bracelet & a Ring

GLAD MIDSOMMAR till alla svenskar!!!!

Happy Midsummer's celebration to all Swedes! The peak of the summer is celebrated very traditionally here in Sweden. I love this holiday! I hope to tell you a bit more about it after the weekend.

All my best,

Thursday 14 June 2012

Wood'N'Chunks and Charlie as a prop

  • Carved wooden beads
  • Facetted Erudite polymer clay bead by Floridity
  • 2 gorgeous round lampwork beads by Gardanne
  • Black large ceramic bead by EarthButterStudio
  • Teal ceramic bead by Gaea
  • Magnetic ball clasp in antiqued brass
  • Knotted teal waxed cotton cord

And I also want to share with you a little film/slide show about what was going on on the side as I was taking the photographs of the bracelet earlier today. It's a flickr slide show. So you can turn on full screen mode if you want to, and also walk through the images one by one in your own pace.

In this slide show you will also get a glimpse of some of the beloved surroundings around my home which I was illustrating in the loooong necklace in the previous post. And ... yes, our garden is a bit scruffy at the mo, I know ... And I actually kinda like it! :-) 

All my best,

Tuesday 12 June 2012


Loooooong necklace (over 1 meter) packed with art beads and other goodies. It is telling the story about my house with its immediate surroundings. Our garden, the tiny little wood next to it, and then the field with horses beyond it. It is MY necklace about a place on earth that I really love and that means so much to me. And with loads of gorgeous beads that I love so much. I want to be able to carry it with me when I am away somewhere. 

Cord is a thin nylon cord (Superlon). See photo below for the bead artists. The macramé gives a wonderful casual feel, and softness. Sort of an intimate feel kind of, like friendship bracelets. I have worked on it a little here and there, for about two months, when I haven't had anything else going on. BTW, I do free hand macramé á la this Ornamentea tutorial. No tools or attachements needed. Perfect for in-front-of-the-TV crafting.

Art beads by: ChelleV2, Elaine Ray, Floridity, Gaea, Humblebeads, Jubilee, Mary Harding, Sue Beads, Susan K Nestor and TreeWingStudio.

And now ... 
... here's one of the reveals I promised you the other day: the necklace is one of the projects in the gallery section of Joanne Tinley's, of Daisy Chain Designs, new E-Book about using macramé in jewelry. 

Seriously, this book is absolutely fantastic! And I am not saying that just because I am in it ;-). So packed with information, ideas and inspiration. I know I will come back to it many many times, and use what Joanne teaches in the projects. Many ways are new to me, so I am all excited and eager to try them out. I can truly recommend it to everyone!

The book is available through Joanne's website, or her DaisyChainExtra Etsy shop.

All my best,

Sunday 10 June 2012

Three Bracelets

Dearest blog followers,
Where have I been? You haven't seen or heard from me for a couple of weeks now. Mark said I should tell you I have been on secret missions. And, well, he is in fact slightly right about it. (Even if I was also a little ill for a few days.) A couple of them. And that's all I want to say for now. Tihi ;-). Things will be revealed both one very soon and another one in a few months, so ... 

Anyway, as I had completed my "missions" on Friday, I was craving to create some new bracelets. Two of them, both with a nature theme. And I have to admit that the apricot kernel one I made already in February. But I haven't had any good photographs of it until now. 

Forest Dreams

Clockwise order:
  • Robins egg blue rustic etched lampworked glass disk/roundel/spacer by OutWest
  • Newprint Jasper heishi
  • Carnelian facetted roundel
  • Cane glass heishi
  • Silvery disk/roundel/spacer
  • Pink Coconut heishi
  • Bronze/whirls polymer clay disk/roundel/spacer by HumbleBeads
  • Ivory Coconut heishi
  • Mermaid color ceramic disk/roundel/spacer by Gaea
  • Wood heishi
  • Pink polymer clay glass disk/roundel/spacer by HumbleBeads
  • Newprint Jasper heishi
  • Carved Oxbone roundel
  • Green Coconut heishi
  • Violet rustic etched lampworked glass disk/roundel/spacer by OutWest
  • Superlon thin cord

Meadow by the Sea

  • Copper Daisy Toggle Clasp by Joanne Tinley of DaisyChain. (Her components are my latest addiction ... )
  • Sunshine lampworked glass disk by Gardanne
  • Teal/golden swirl spacer disk by HumbleBeads
  • Robins egg blue lampworked borosilicate glass mini spacers by SpankysDesigns
  • Copper leaf chain
  • Facetted turquoise
  • Facetted crab agate
  • Hydro-grossular green grenade rounds
  • Labradorite roundels

All Apricots

  • Orange acrylic apricot kernels
  • Wooden heishi
  • Grey seed beads

All my best,