Sunday 10 June 2012

Three Bracelets

Dearest blog followers,
Where have I been? You haven't seen or heard from me for a couple of weeks now. Mark said I should tell you I have been on secret missions. And, well, he is in fact slightly right about it. (Even if I was also a little ill for a few days.) A couple of them. And that's all I want to say for now. Tihi ;-). Things will be revealed both one very soon and another one in a few months, so ... 

Anyway, as I had completed my "missions" on Friday, I was craving to create some new bracelets. Two of them, both with a nature theme. And I have to admit that the apricot kernel one I made already in February. But I haven't had any good photographs of it until now. 

Forest Dreams

Clockwise order:
  • Robins egg blue rustic etched lampworked glass disk/roundel/spacer by OutWest
  • Newprint Jasper heishi
  • Carnelian facetted roundel
  • Cane glass heishi
  • Silvery disk/roundel/spacer
  • Pink Coconut heishi
  • Bronze/whirls polymer clay disk/roundel/spacer by HumbleBeads
  • Ivory Coconut heishi
  • Mermaid color ceramic disk/roundel/spacer by Gaea
  • Wood heishi
  • Pink polymer clay glass disk/roundel/spacer by HumbleBeads
  • Newprint Jasper heishi
  • Carved Oxbone roundel
  • Green Coconut heishi
  • Violet rustic etched lampworked glass disk/roundel/spacer by OutWest
  • Superlon thin cord

Meadow by the Sea

  • Copper Daisy Toggle Clasp by Joanne Tinley of DaisyChain. (Her components are my latest addiction ... )
  • Sunshine lampworked glass disk by Gardanne
  • Teal/golden swirl spacer disk by HumbleBeads
  • Robins egg blue lampworked borosilicate glass mini spacers by SpankysDesigns
  • Copper leaf chain
  • Facetted turquoise
  • Facetted crab agate
  • Hydro-grossular green grenade rounds
  • Labradorite roundels

All Apricots

  • Orange acrylic apricot kernels
  • Wooden heishi
  • Grey seed beads

All my best,


Heidi Post said...

I'm so envious of people who make great bracelets! You are one of those people! I think I like the apricot one best, but they're all fabulous. Can't wait to hear about your secret missions...

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

Every single bracelet is gorgeous - you have some awesome handmade artisan components - I especially love Joanne's daisy clasp! But those apricot beads - combined with the wood beads - is just stunning! My favorite of the bunch! Hope you are well....

Alice said...

All three are gorgeous! I love the colors in the first bracelet, especially that wonderful punch of red. And the second bracelet has so much movement with the leaf chain. The third is stunning with those fabulous orange acrylic beads!

I guess we can forgive you for being away since you did make up for it by sharing these lovelies.

Lorelei Eurto said...

love the apricot beads! fun!

lynsey said...

Secret Missions? I want to know more :-)
Love those bracelets, the apricot one is my favorite x

TesoriTrovati said...

Every single thing you make I want to have. I love your sense of color and the exact placement of every bead makes these sing! Enjoy the day, Miss Malin! Erin

Ettika Bracelets said...

The last one was really heart thrubbing...the orange kernels are eye catcher.

Lori Anderson said...

Completely and totally intrigued! And you have such a talent for design!

CraftyHope said...

They are all beautiful, but there's something about those first two that just make me want to sing...Laaaaaaa! There's just a brightness about them that really catches my eye!