Thursday 8 September 2011

Oooohhhh - starring again!

Hey, do you know Rebecca Anderson? She is a lovely Scottish lady living in England. She sings, makes beautiful jewelry, and she has a blog that goes by the name of SongBeads. She is a regular contributor of the Beads & Beyond Magazine. AND now she has started a new series on her blog. She calls it "Introducing". Last week she did an interview with wonderful Heidi Post. This week it is ME! I am of course extremely honoured, and also very excited by this interview. Rebecca asked a lot of interesting questions, that I really enjoyed answering. She said I could be as verbose as I wanted, so that's what I did ... 

Below you can see an image of the article on her blog. I screendumped it in sections, and built it together in Photoshop. As you can see it is rather long. But do not fear. It is very very interesting ;-) . And even if you have read about me before, in other interviews, you will learn quite a few new things here. (I just assume that you are interested, since you are actually visiting my blog right now.) 

Rebecca's blog is just generally an awesome one. So head on over there now and check it and me out more thoroughly - SongBeads. Don't miss to also check her Etsy and Folksy shops, you will find the links on her blog.

Aside from being honoured by Rebecca, I have caught a pretty nasty cold. So I have spent 3 days in bed, sneezing, shivering, sweating, and creating a tower of Kleenex by the side of my bed. I've been doing bead stitching, coz that works well when still in bed. But now I am getting a little bit stressed about some deadlines I need to reach. Next week I will start a rehab period for 10 weeks. So I am gonna be a little occupied with that. I hope to boost my work-ability over the coming few days, and finish off what I have set out to do.

If you are someone waiting for some kind of delivery from me, but haven't heard anything for a little while, please please contact me via e-mail. I have a memory issue due to MS, so I DO forget things. I need things to be right in front of my nose to kind of be aware of them. I am so sorry about that, but I can't help it. It is not nonchalance, it is broken nerve threads.

All my best,


Jo said...

I loved reading your interview! And loved seeing the photos of your lovely bright studio too - it looks far more organised than mine! It was good to see so many pictures of your jewellery together and realise again just how many beautiful textures you use in your work.

Jo said...

P.S. Stay snug in bed and keep warm. And try not to worry about the deadlines - your health is more important! Hope you feel better soon.
Jo x

Malin de Koning said...

Thank you so much Jo!!!!!

TesoriTrovati said...

Kudos on the good vibes coming your way. Boo-hiss to that nasty cold. Do get better, Miss Malin! I am off to see what our friend Rebecca has to say!
Enjoy the day!

Prządka said...

Congrats, Malin! I'm so glad that you are the next hero of blog of SongBeads :) It was nice to read an interview with you. You are not only a talented artist, but also very interesting person. You arouse great liking. I really like your positive energy and your jewelry. They are very inspiring.
I wish you much, much health. I hope to see soon your next jewelry designs.
Have a nice day!

Unknown said...

That was a great interview Malin! I love that pic of you too!

Rebecca said...

You are a poor wee scone Malin! I'm sorry you've caught a nasty cold - hope you are feeling a little better now. And that your family are looking after you well :-)

Thanks for saying I am Scottish living in England! It is so important to me that I am Scottish....I sometimes wonder why if that's the case I haven't moved home (yes, Scotland and Edinburgh is still 'home') or perhaps that's partly why it is so important to me.....but life moves on and you set down roots without even realising you have done so....I hope one day I'll be somewhere celtic at least. I have no idea how you created the loooooong picture but it is very cool! Look out for my next interview tomorrow, it's with my lovely soup partner :-) x