Wednesday 18 April 2012

A bracelet

I made this bracelet back in February. It's been away on a transatlantic journey since. But today it came back, so now I can show it to you :-). Don't you find it difficult to not directly share designs that you are particularly happy with? I do! But I guess the more times I submit my pieces the less of an issue that will actually be for me.

Materials and resources:
1 Multi Hole Green Earthy Triangle Connector - RoundRabbit
1 Wine Red Wing Ding bead - Genea
2 10mm Burgundy Facetted Pearls - they were a gift from Heidi Post, she bought them at a show

30 4-5mm Garnet mini coins - StarEyes
55 Size 8 Burgundy Lined Transparent Peridot Triangle Seed Beads - FusionBeads
38 Size 6 Olivine with Frosted Silver and Pink Lining Seed Beads - LimaBeads

1 Antiqued Brass Old Timer Lobster Clasp - PatinaQueen
3 10mm Etched Brass Jump Rings Vintaj - FusionBeads
1 10mm 16G Brass Jump Ring - BeadAholique
Ca 600mm Size 6 Jade Green Silk Cord with needle - Ornamentea

All my best,


Heidi Post said...

Yay! It really is a great bracelet. Love those colors together :)

JenHoney said...

Great design! Why was the bracelet traveling?

steufel said...

Love it - the colors, the style, the whole vibe it has:-)

Malin de Koning said...

Jenna, I submitted it to a magazine in the US. They wanted to see it for real before they finally decided, but then it wasn't accepted after all. :-)

Rebekah said...

So pretty Malin! The colors and design are perfect!

TesoriTrovati said...

It constantly amazes me the things that are not selected. I think this is lovely. The colors are some of the prettiest around and you are so clever with your placement and materials, Miss Malin! Maybe it will find a good home to go to, but it looks right at home on your wrist!
Enjoy the day!

H.T. said...

The bracelet was 'adventurous' a little:-)
I like its astonishing simplicity of the form and the harmony of colors.

Jo said...

That is beautiful! Have you thought of submitting it to Beads and Beyond? I'll email you!
P.S. I must have had some kind of premoniation - I made some triangluar copper connectors this morning!

Kim said...

Lovely bracelet I'm sorry it wasn't accepted. I haven't been brave enough to submit anything yet :-)

aneri_masi said...

Wow! this is so pretty!

jeannieK said...

You got to wonder sometimes if they actually look at it. I think is amazing.

Malin de Koning said...

Oh, I don't mind at all. They are putting together a magazine. It shall work as a whole. Of course. It doesn't mean my piece is not good just because it didn't end up in their magazine. Perhaps they had two pieces to choose from that sort of represented the same idea or concept, but ended up picking the other one because of some detail like there were already other projects with beads from the same artists. You never know. But I assume that's how they think when they do their final pickings. It's just a magazine issue, not a judgement on whether you are a good artist or not. But it is great fun when you DO get published of course. :-)

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

I love your use of the various art beads with the seed beads! Gorgeous colors! It IS a winner!

Rebecca said...

Awesome piece. I love those colours. And the balance of the shapes is perfect!

Pamela770 said...

This bracelet is soo pretty :)