Monday 6 October 2014

Autumn feel - earrings and bracelets

Jewelry making often creates storytelling for me.

Bracelet - Grey Squirrel
I remember when I bought this squirrel from HumbleBeads some years ago, together with it's brother/sister. I kind of imagined their whole journey from the US to Sweden. Seeing them leaving the house of Heather Powers, probably somewhat worried about what was going on and holding on to each other. Then shifting to the different means of transportation along the way, experiencing many exciting things on their long journey, until they finally arrived at my own doorstep. At last in their new home. I wanted to take such good care of them. 

I don't know why, but I often get that kind of personal relationship with my beads. My mind just come up with these stories. As if they are actually living creatures. I sense it is a childish side in my personality that I can't help. But at the same time it actually adds something great when it comes to making my jewelry. I feel I have to honour my beads, so that they get the perfect company, not just anything that "will do". It is important that the context is right for all participating parts. This is the reason why I so often have beads laying for a long time before I put them into use. And look at this squirrel now. Isn't he very content? He feels good. He is where he belongs. In a good wood/forest. At least that's what I see.
Art beads:
Grey Squirrel - HumbleBeads 
Bright blue lampwork disc - CheekyCherub

Forest green semi-precious stone rounds, jasper or agate I believe (please, if you know write a comment) 
Elongated twisted camagong tiger wood beads
Rust red waxed linen cord
Copper findings

Earrings - Rustic with patinated parabolic discs
Perhaps I am effected by that I saw the film Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy just the other day, (I really liked it), but these earrings I imagine as some kind of parabolic receptors taking in signals from outer space. Possibly even traveling through space themselves.
Art beads:
Handmade copper earring hoops - JNicLoft
Patinated copper parabolic discs - MissFickleMedia
Robins egg blue small lampwork disc - SpanksyDesigns
Robins egg rustic lampwork disc - Outwest
Green and yellow raku discs - Jubilee
Brass flower head pins - TheaElements

Seed beads, facetted glass rondelles, bone rondelle

Earrings - Lotus Cones
Art beads:
Handmade copper earring hooks - RubyMountainMetal
Lotus cones, polymer clay - MarlasMud
Enameled copper head pins - PaintingWithFire

Resin disc beads and brass components

Bracelet - Autumn Mushroom
Art Beads:
Green mushroom - HumbleBeads
Copper swirly hook - TheCuriousBeadShop
Orange ceramic hank button - Bo Hulley

Czech glass beads, copper bead, waxed linen cord

Hope you enjoyed!

All my best,


Unknown said...

All of these works are just beautiful. I love the story of the beads traveling to your home. Art beads deserve that kind of care!

Unknown said...

I think the gemstone with your squirrel bracelet is Rhyolite. It is one of my favorite natural gemstones.