Monday 1 March 2010

Help me, who made these?

I am on the hunt for the name of the person who made this group of lampworked beads. I saw them on a site almost a year ago, and I liked them, so I have saved the picture in my inspiration folder ever since. In this folder I add, swap and alter pictures more or less daily. But this one has stayed there all the time. I think I really really like these beads, and I realise I should try to buy them. But I had just started surfing for inspiration at the time, so I didn't make a note of who made them or where I saw them. So now I am asking all of you out there for help. I believe it was a UK site and I have a vague memory of that the lady who designed them described how she had squashed the glass before it cooled.

Please make a link on your blog to this post, and let me know.


Lorelei Eurto said...

i dont know who made these but they are fabulous!!
seems like I saw something similar in one of my magazines- I'm thinking it was Beads 2009... I'll check when I go home at lunch and see if I can find it.

Joanna said...


Just stumbled across your blog in my never ending search for jewellery supplies.

If you can't find the lamp worked beads you are looking for, I was thinking that these beads look a lot like the ceramic Kasuri beads. Maybe you can find something similar?