Sunday 1 May 2011



I am so sorry! Over the last two weeks my internet connection has been down most of the time. I had a couple of days connected last week, but since then totally "dead". This is due to a badly handled move to another operator than before. It has effected also my mobile telephone, and I have been without that one for over two weeks constantly by today. So I have been basically disconnected from all my social media and ability to communicate to people. The information that has been given to me has been particularly vague and unclear during the whole period, and I have repeatedly been given the impression that "by tomorrow it will work again". I was also not informed in advance that the move would take place so I had not any possibility to inform or prepare in advance.

Again I am very sorry for any inconvinience or questions this has caused for any of you. I have not been able to check any e-mails or other online communication channels. I am saying that cause some of you might wonder why I haven't been in contact with you or why I didn't answer any mails.

Again I am so sorry. And I am extremely upset by this myself. It has caused me lots of stress and inconvinience. And by today I still have no idea when things will work again. I still don't get any clear information, and the persons who are responsible just don't take the responsibility you could expect. :-(

I am writing this on a different computer than my own. And I have only one hour. So now I am trying to take care of the most urgent things.

Please hold on! I'll be back!


Barbara Lewis said...

I've been MIA because of workshops, but it's still hard not to visit friends. It hard being "unplugged!"

Spirited Earth said...

sorry to hear about this..i was without a computer for 2 months and it was very challanging.
hope you are back online soon.

Third Eye Gypsy said...

Hey Malin!

I had wondered why I stopped seeing your additions in my Etsy circle. I'm glad to hear that you are ok. I'm sorry to hear about your internet problems :(

Much love,


Sally Anderson said...

I'm glad the reason we haven't heard from you was technological not your health! Glad to see you back here. Still waiting to see if my husband is going to be on Swedish tv!

TesoriTrovati said...

So glad you are alright! But we all get 'unplugged' from time to time. Sometimes I wish that I would have a forced unplugging! I could use a week without being connected!
Enjoy the day, dear!