Monday 3 October 2011

Grateful Living

A new blog was born, on the 1st of October. It's called Grateful Living. All initiated by the fantastic Molly Alexander. This is some of what she says about it:
For a while now I have been wanting to create a forum for people to express thanksgiving for the blessings in their lives. To show that there are so many things to be thankful for; big and small, they are there, and all we need to do is take the time to stop, look around and recognize them.
A blog devoted solely to expressing gratitude,
Between us, maybe we can spread a bit of an "attitude of gratitude" together.
Seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Finding the small blessings in the big storms.

Waking up, breathing in, and recognizing that each day is a gift.

Seeing the glass as half-full.

Stepping off the treadmill of life and standing still for a moment to stop and smell the roses.

Looking beyond faults and recognizing the good in others.

Being thankful for what you have and not worrying away all your time wishing for what you don't.

Here's the list of the contributors:
  • Barbara Lewis
  • Chris Kerr
  • Cindy Wimmer
  • Crystal Neubauer
  • Diane Cook
  • Heather Powers
  • Holly Westfall
  • Jan Thomason
  • Jeanette Blix Ryan
  • Jen Crossley
  • Judy Glende
  • Juli Cannon
  • Lana Manis
  • Lori Anderson
  • Malin de Koning
  • Mary Jane Dodd
  • Molly Alexander
  • Nellie Wortman
  • Patty Gasparino
  • Rhonda Marinkovic
  • Riki Schumacher
  • Sally Turlington
So did you see my name right in there? I am so very honored to be a part of this group of fantastic ladies.

Molly's idea is that we will be posting 3 to 4 times a week with snippets of our lives that we are grateful for to share with you.
I myself am just now in the middle of completing my own first contributing post. About something I am so immensely grateful for, something I believe not many of you even know exists. So ... until it gets posted ... stay curious ;-) , and please head over now to the Grateful Living Blog and join us on our journey!

All my best,


Heidi Post said...

Oooh, the suspense will kill me! I am signed up and await your first entry :)

beautifullybrokenme said...

I can't wait to read your first contribution! Thanks so much for posting about our blog - I'm so excited to see what happens as we move forward! :)

Michelle Mach said...

How did I miss this? Thanks for sharing the link!

Jenni said...

Yes, I have read about this and am looking forward to your posts..and others.

Cindy said...

Molly has a great idea, doesn't she? Looking forward to your posts...