Monday 21 November 2011

A new Bracelet

  • Polymer Clay branch disk bead by Heather Powers, HumbleBeads, the Bead of the Month Club.
  • Teal round gemstones, I don't know what they are, maybe some kind of agate. A part of a wonderful surprise gift that arrived last week, from Jenny of Shyme Design . Thank you so much Jenny!
  • Caribbean Sea aqua blue facetted glass roundels, also from Jenny.
  • Big white potato pearls, possibly they were a gift from Birgitta Lejonklou late last year.
  • Hydro grossular Garnet rounds from
  • Brushed copper rounds
  • Magnetic ball clasp, copper
Please, if you feel like it, help me by suggesting a suitable name for it. No price to win, just my gratitude :-). Here are a few brainstorm words to set you off: Caribbean, best friends forever, friends, ocean, branch, teal, aqua, pool, Florida, lime, and so on to whatever you come to think of when you see it.
All my best,


Alice said...

Lovely bracelet! Here's some names just off the top of my head:

Infinity Pool at Sunset

Champagne on Ice

Gypsy Waggon

Just Before Winter

Sunset Soiree (spelling?)

Paradise Cove

TesoriTrovati said...

Lovely! Isn't that the prettiest lentil from Miss Heather! I ooh and aah every time I see that teal.

Here are my thoughts on a name, that is the most fun part for me!

Teal We Meet Again
Fresh Air & Blue Skies

Have a beauty filled day, Miss Malin!
Enjoy the day.

steufel said...

what a lovely bracelet - what about "tidal! or "carribean flow"

Shyme said...

Har varit på väg att kommentera flera gånger men något kommer alltid mellan... Vad kul att pärlorna kom till användning! Snyggt armband, gillar verkligen det assymetriska i det, det blir mer spännade och hänger ändå ihop eftersom färgerna går igen i fokalpärlan... Hmm... blir inte midre sugen på att klicka hem något från Humblebeads direkt... :p /JEnny