Thursday 12 January 2012

Coinciding color schemes and magical connections?

Last week I bought a gorgeous Sea Fossil focal bead in ceramic from Birgitta Lejonklou. And I got some extra goodies with the parcel. Thank you so much Birgitta! One of the goodies was the button which I immediately wanted to use in a bracelet. So yesterday I pulled together a soup of beads, which you can see the remains of in the box. Today I had literally just finished off the bracelet only about 30 minutes before Mark came home and had picked up the post. In it was a package from Keirsten Giles, with an awesomely yummy mix of beads of which you see about less than half here, in the piles on the surface. (It's part of a little friendly exchange we currently are pursuing.) I love what you sent me Keirsten. Thank you so much!
(Sorry for the bad photo quality. It is evening here now and I took the picture in electrical light.)

I love it when patterns and colors happen to coincide like this. From far away and near, and now there is just a wonderful connection between the three of us. Birgitta, Keirsten and Malin - BKM. At least that is how I feel. Sort of magical in a lovely way. Even if I don't believe in such things myself really. Keirsten doesn't either ... or that's what I think at least (based just on my own general perception of her/you, sorry if I am mistaken Keirsten). But Birgitta does :-). She even works conciously with things to do with the spiritual world. So perhaps this is all her doing ... or ... ? (Is it, Birgitta?)

Anyway, coincidence or not, it has certainly added an extra dimension to my day today. I think about if Birgitta and Keirsten was packing their parcels at the exact same time, or? Which is very likely in fact. And also, how come I was so inspired to firstly use that particular button out of Birgittas goodies? And how come I did put together the soup I did? In that color scheme. I gotta name that bracelet something along the lines of Three Graces or something. BKM Magic.

And what do YOU think about it all?


lunedreams said...

Haha Malin! You're right about me! Skeptic to the core. But I don't hesitate to capitalize on serendipity. I love "the three graces"! go for it!

SoulsFireDesigns said...

What a wonderful set of coincidences! I love it! Perfection, Malin and I love the name "The Three Graces"!

Angel Whisperer said...

As You do say in this post I am aware of the higher beings around us and angels in my studio when I create :) (since 2000 when I started with healing and my channels opened up )
I knew that button was going to turn You on so Im not surprised You started with it....
About the colors I guess we are thinking spring and I also think You do like greens...???
As a psychic Tarot reader I do not believe in coincidence and we all have angels around us ...aware or not...Muse....inspiration...many names..from the same source we are all connected as I see it..
3 Graces a lovely name
Thank You Malin