Saturday 13 October 2012

New beaded beads listed on Etsy

I've just listed a few new beaded beads in my Etsy shop

You know what, I am so happy I have started making these beaded beads. And that I am continuing to. It is a kind of slightly meditative experience. Not so much in the now as I am doing them, but more on a long term perspective over time. 

Each one is just that one, that particular little bead of it's own, that gives me a short term possibility to play around and experiment in a very contained frame so to speak.

It is nothing major, or anything special at all. But still, just because of that, and that I keep making them over time makes the whole of it an interesting journey that I am very glad to be on. And I love the fact that I haven't got a clue where I will end up. In fact I think it is just a kind of side track, a teeny tiny tangent,  that I can pop off to every here and there. An important side track.

Doing, just keep doing ...

Malin de Koning


AliMc said...

Two thumbs up for just keep doing :)

H.T. said...

I can see-You've started beadweaving very seriously.
Nice 'beaded beads'-simple,but it seems to be the good beginning:-)
Warm Greetings from Värmlands-Halinka-

SueBeads said...

They are so cute, Malin, and having a diversion is so great, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

These are so cute Malin! Love the colors too!

Jeff said...

Two thumbs up for just keep doing :)